Is The “Tea Party” Congressional Class Of 2010 Really Conservative?!?
    Remember when the conservative taxpayers put their collective foot down concerning RINO incumbents in 2010?  This action put 87 new republicRATic House members to work after a thorough vetting by individual “Tea Party” Movement groups, nationwide.  Those “Tea Party” conservatives are up for re-election–as is the entire House of Representatives–this fall.
    In my district–NY-25Ann Marie Buerkle will be challenged by Dan Maffei, the miscreant she defeated in 2010.  Mr Maffei made it painfully obvious during his tenure he had learned absolutely nothing in his Master of Public Policy course work at Harvard. He was little more than a mouthpiece and yes-man for the nancy PORKlosi House.  So, given this information, I was really curious how conservative Ms Buerkle actually is or isn’t.
    The ‘Club For Growth‘ folks did a highly informative study on just that subject, studying all the “Tea Party“-supported Congressmen.  In the study, Ms Buerkle scored 92% while three scored 100% (Justin Amash, Mi-3; Tim Huelskamp, Ks-1; Raul Labrador, Id-1).  The  two worst in scoring–tied at a dismal 42%!–are Bob Dold, Il-10; Patrick Meehan, Pa-7!!  Another surprise for me was the scores for those NY-vetted freshmen aside from the aforementioned Ms Buerkle‘s 92%:
Chris Gibson (NY-20), 44%;
Michael Grimm (NY-13), 46%;
Richard Hanna, (NY-24), 44%;
Nan Hayworth, (NY-19), 56%;
Tom Reed, (NY-29), 68%.    Excepting Ann Marie Buerkle, the New York contingent of miscreants certainly can’t match their campaign rhetoric to their post-election voting records.  Every dam’ one of them must be resoundingly ‘thumped‘ by a TRUETea Party” candidate in the upcoming fall elections!!  If one can not support “Tea Party-esque” legislation at least nine-times out of ten, he-or-she doesn’t belong in the federal government.  Remember:
Nothing will change without a smaller government;
Nothing will change without adherence to the United States Constitution,
Nothing will change without reduced, conservative spending.
So in the aggregate, nothing will change without further “Tea Party” vetted candidates to replace said miscreants as well as a clear majority of the remaining owe-bamacRATic socio-fascists.
Til Nex’Time….