The owe-bama Spending Hoax Revealed
    By now everyone on the planet–excepting maybe, a couple of folks in Appalachia who don’t really give a crap–has read or at least heard of, the Rex Nutting fictional piece on the owe-bama spending phenomenon:
‘PolitiFact’–using the same flawed methodology–agrees with the Nutting piece:
The ‘politicalmath’ guy is highly adept at explaining all things ‘numbers,’ and as such exposes the flawed methodology for what it is, a thinly-veiled attempting at putting a ‘smiley-face’ on the owe-bama out-of-control socio-fascist, economy-destroying spending:
    After reading all three articles, one thing continues to be blatantly clear:  the national pamphleteers’ clear and unrelenting bias is all-the-more evident!  Not only does the next president–former Governor Mitt Romney have to battle the sitting ruler, he must contend with and counteract owe-bama‘s in-the-tank national pamphleteers.
Til Nex’Time….