Courtesy Of Dana Perino and “The Five”

    Most of the “The Five” shows I see are DVR’d so I kinda lose track of what day’s show I’m watching.  I normally do have a pad and pen at hand for notes on important political topics.  One of the two shows I watched Friday evening had Dana Perino talking about a ‘debt-and-deficit-roadtrip.’  So I giggled it and found this URL:

On the ‘Berman’ site, I found the video to which Ms Perino referred:

Not only is said video/audio well made, most informative, it seems to be factually correct.  Although originally produced in May of 2009, it uses the “Clown Prince‘s” own budget projections as well as factual spending numbers.

The ‘politicalmath’ URL has a written narrative for those who are audio-ically challenged!!

    I thank Dana Perino and those producers on “The Five” who found this video and brought it to a ‘second-life.’

Til Nex’Time….

[Closed circuit to Mitt Romney:]  Governor, this video should be incorporated into your next ‘”Clown Princeowe-bama versus republicRATics spending’ video ads.