With No Accomplishments….
    ….”Clown Princeowe-bama is running around the country vilifying ‘anything, Romney!’  Today, let’s examine some of his “clownisms” and try to extract some modicum of truth from each of them, if that’s even possible!
    Here are some quotes from the “Clown Prince” blather opportunity (May 23rd) at the Hyatt Regency-Denver, Denver, Colorado:
    Do these quotes sound as disingenuous to you as they do to me?!?  Just more-of-the-same; more class-warfare.  It’s us (even though the “Clown Prince” is a 1%er) against them.  Of course, owe-bama isn’t going to mention that President George W. Bush gave ‘ruler-elect’ owe-bama control and management of the remaining TARP bailout funds in December, 2008, PRIOR TO his immaculation.  The “Clown Prince” then proceeded to line up payments to his supporters and donors!

….a shrinking number of Americans were doing fantastically well, while the vast majority, a growning number were struggling to get by.  Falling incomes, rising costs, the slowest job growth in a half a century–that’s what we were confronting.” 
“….And it was all a house of cards that collapsed in the most destructive crisis since the Great Depression.  And just to give people a sense of perspective–in the last six months of 2008, even while we were campaigning, nearly 3 million of our neighbors lost their jobs; 800,000 lost their jobs the month I was sworn into office.”

     One might think that the “Clown Prince” really has compassion for those suffering–many at their own hand–during the owe-bama Depression.  The teleprompter programmers are taking some editorial license regarding the statics owe-bama cites; normally they use the figure of 6 million jobs lost, always forgetting to mention that owe-bamanomics has only returned 4 million jobs to the economy.  The irony is not lost that the “Clown Prince” is in California, blathering on about his devistating economic inexperience; California is more bankrupt than the United States, if that’s possible.
   During his next opportunity, the “Clown Prince” blathered at the likes of Don Cheatle, Graham Nash, David Crosby, Susan Wojcicki (a Google VP),  and many others of the same ilk; one-percenters, all!!  Here are some quotes from the May 24th blather opportunity, held at the Goldman family residence, Atherton, Ca.:

“….we had lost 8 million [jobs] before our economic policies had a chance to take effect.  And we’ve still got a long way to go here in California and all across the country.  There are a lot of folks who are hurting, people out of work or underemployed, people whose homes are $100,000 underwater and hove no sense of how they’ll ever get out from under the debts that they’ve accumulated.  There are an awful lot of young people here who are extraordinarily talented, but don’t see a path or a vision for the future….”

    With the current regime providing a hammock rather than a safety net, the country’s miscreants feel a right to abuse the system, knowing owe-bama will absolve them of all personal responsibility.  I hate to keep linking ‘the Bilderbergers‘ to the owe-bama Depression, there’s no way–until a history of this era is written–to confirm their complicity.  George Soros readily confirms his!!  While owe-bama feigns sorrow and concern for the economic woes of both the nation and whatever state he’s in, the devistation is going exactly as planned.  Just as Adolf Hitler did in the 1930s German Republic: after bringing the country to it’s economic knees, rebuild it in any socialist-fascist form the ruler prefers!
    Just an hour-and-a-half later, his handlers assembled more donors at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City for the “Clown Prince” to blather at.  All three donor events used the same unremarkable remarks with few alterations: 

“….we watched a record surplus that was squandered on tax cuts for folks who didn’t need them and weren’t asking for them.  We saw two wars being waged on a credit card.  We saw speculation  in the financial sector, reaping huge profits for a few folks who were making bets with other people’s money, but it was a flimsy kind of success.  Manufacturing left our shores.”

     Let’s break up the ‘unremarkables‘ into more managable segments:
We saw two wars being waged on a credit card-‘  What–exactly–has the “Clown Prince” done to correct that?!? Zero-point-shit!!  Everything the current regimes does–it does on China’s “American Express” card!
‘….speculation in the financial sector…. huge profits…. making bets with other people’s money….’  Where’s the illegality, here?!?  These ‘speculators’ were contracted by their investors to turn the largest profit possible.
Manufacturing left our shores.’  Of course it did.  Those companies were following the money trail; the owe-bama money trail that GAVE $3Billion to Brazil to develop THEIR off-shore drilling and production at the expense of domestic oil production in the United States, so we can be–to quote owe-bama again–“their largest customer.”
    For the life of me, I can not fathom how “Clown Princeowe-bama can stand in front of any crowd–even his supporters–and spout this bullshit with a straight face!  Such blatant lies as to make Pinocchio blush!!
‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Arschloch!?!
Til Nex’Time….