I ‘Exploded’ Watching “The Five!”
    I have to set the stage for this rant:  My wife ‘The Young Miss Lovely,’ has a non-medical job in one of the local hospitals.  Her workday normally starts at 5:15AM, eastern for which she ‘rolls-out’ around 3-3:15AM and goes to bed around 6:30-7PM.  We normally eat our supper between 2:30-3:15PM.  Most of the television we watch is from the DVR.  Any live shows we watch are her choice; she makes the money, she gets to choose!!  So–being the current events, political junkie that I am–I DVR shows like ‘The Five,’ Red Eye, Cavuto, etc.
    I watched today’s edition of ‘The Five’ nearly live; from the DVR, about 20 minutes behind the live broadcast.  After finishing the Thursday show, I went to the Wednesday show which had Juan Williams as the ‘Bob Beckle-for-a-day‘ guest commentator.
The early discussion pertained to the ‘occupy’ miscreants and their destructive ways in Ohio, Chicago, et al.  For the communist view, Mr Williams tried to compare said miscreants to the “Tea Party” rally in Washington–protesting the upcoming vote on owe-bamaKare–on March 20, 2010.  You remember; that was the rally where the House owe-bamacRATics led by nancy PORKlosiand her over-sized gavel–Rep John Lewis, Barney Frank, et al,  attempted to bait the “Tea Party” participants into unsavory behavior.
    Mr Williams attempted to wrongly tie the “Tea Party” participants to the lying Congressmen who said they were called ‘nigger’ several times; at least two claimed to have been spat upon.  No one was arrested, although the liar, Rep Cleaver claimed one had been arrested for spitting on him.  With all the national pamphleteers, bloggers and “Tea Party” members recording the events, ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE was ever found to support the owe-bamacRATic liars’ claims!!  The point where Mr Williams said “tea partiers spat on the congressmen” I told the tv exactly what I thought of Juan Williams in ‘less-than-glowing‘ terms!!  I stopped the recording and deleted it.  I tend to lose my temper when I can’t correct the socio-fascist owe-bamacRATics face-to-face!  Shortly thereafter, I decided to never watch another program in which Mr Williams is a guest, a substitute host or any other meaningful position.
Til Nex’Time….