‘The Message’ Must Be Maintained!

    Now that former Governor Mitt Romney has been anointed “the presumptive candidate” by the national pamphleteer ‘corpse,’ the obama re-immaculation campaign is ramping up it’s denegration of ‘all things Romney!’  Knowledge is everything in the public’s vetting of both candidates.  To that end, Governor Romney should spend several weeks ‘educating’ the general voting public–both alive and the deceased in Chicago cemetaries–as a partial basis for their self-vetting of BOTH CANDIDATES.

    The governor might bode well to start with pertinent definitions, like those of venture capital, venture capitalists, a vulture capitalist, an angel investor, etc.  To this end–were it my campaign, I’d–gain an interview with a major national pamphleteer, broadcast in prime time to explain the definitions.  Here Governor Romney could–in addition–explain both Bain Capital‘s and his personal position in the business world of venture capitalism.  If an interview is unlikely, the governor should consider as many 30 second-1 minute ads (part 1, part 2,  part 3, etc) as necessary to accomplish the aforementioned.

    If the mult-part ‘info-mercial’ ads are the medium of choice, the final part should be a comparative compilation of Governor Romney‘s accomplishments contrasted with “Clown Princeowe-bama‘s “accomplishments.”  While the governor can easily compile the Bain Capital accomplishments under his captaincy, here are some of the “Clown Prince‘s” accomplishments for comparison:

  • 1.   Solyndra Solar; $535 Million; bankrupt
  • 2.   Evergreen Solar; $5.3 Million; bankrupt
  • 3.   SpectraWatt; $half-million; bankrupt
  • 4.   Energy Conversion Devices; amount unknown; bankrupt
  • 5.   United Solar Ovonic (Unisolar); amount unknown; bankrupt
  • 6.   Amonix; amount unknown; greatly declining value
  • 7.   SunPower; amount unknown; greatly declining value
  • 8.   Abound Solar; $400Million; 50% layoffs; greatly declining value
  • 9.   NRG Energy (solar,wind,vehicle) $1,200Million; greatly declining value
  • 10. First Solar; $5,350Million; stock price: 1008-$311.14, current-$13.60; greatly declining value
  • 11. BrightSource; $1,600Million; various subsidiaries bankrupt; greatly declining value
  • 12. Mountain Plaza, Inc; $10Million; truckstop electrification; bankrupt
  • 13. A123 Systems; $300Million (+$135Million-California); batteries; bankrupt
  • 14. EnerDel (+Ener1); $118.5Million; Lith-ion batteries; bankrupt
  • 15. Beacon Power; $43Million; energy storage; bankrupt
  • 16. Fisker Auto; $529Million (+$7,500 buyer credit); pending bankruptcy
  • 17. Tesla Motors; $465Million (+$7,500 buyer credit); probable bankruptcy
  • 18. [GM] Chevy Volt; Parent $100,000Million bailout; suspended production; dismal sales; dismal outlook
  • 19. Bright Automotive; failed promise of $450Million forced bankruptcy
  • 20. Nevada Geothermal Power; $164.5Million; probable bankruptcy
  • 21. Olsen’s Crop Svc/Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Co; $10Million; grain storage-ethanol production; bankrupt

    Both “Clown Princeowe-bama and Governor Romneyin one aspect–are exactly the same!! Both are venture capitalists with two glaring distinctions!! 

Governor Romney is highly successful while the “Clown Prince” is a dismal failure;

Governor Romney used funds from voluntary investors; The “Clown Prince” used funds from involuntary investors–THE U.S. TAXPAYER!!  

The Bilderbergers and George Soros will have to find a new narrative for vilification, the ‘venture capitalist’ theme ain’t gonna work when Governor Romney takes my advice!!

‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Arschloch!?!

Til Nex’Time….