owe-bama; Soros; Bilderbergers’ Policies….
    ….are more distasteful that previously thought!  Several recent events make for enlightening conversation:
    Mr Keith Juddthe federal felon–thoroughly ‘spanked‘ the “Clown Prince” in the recent–inconsequentialowe-bamacRATic primary in West Virginia.  There was no reason to even turn out, so this ‘protest vote’ is even more telling.  Another discouraging fact: both Senator Joe Manchin and Governor Earl Ray Tomblin refused to admit which federal felon they voted for.  Who doesn’t like to brag about voting for the incumbent ruler, no matter who it is?!?
    It’s highly likely the Bilderberg Group dispatched George Soros to France in the wake of Francios Hollande defeating Nicholas Sarkozy for the french presidency.  Also likely, the Bilderbergers are desparate to discourage M. Hollande from instituting even more socialist policies than has been the norm under M. Sarkozy.  If said socialist policies are instituted, the concensus is they will be a mirror of the future result of current and future owe-bama (read: Bilderberg) policies for the United States.  The possible end result of further french socialist policies will be a further slipping into a completely NEGATIVE economy, again a mirror of what’s to come with the U.S. economy and jobs markets.  This will open the American voters’ eyes, highly detrimental to the owe-bama re-immaculation efforts!!
    Recent primary campaigns and votes indicates the “Tea Party” Movement is alive-and-well, contrary to the blatherings of owe-bamacRATic pollsters, campaign managers, campaign mouth-pieces, et al.  The “Tea Party” Movementrather than dying as the owe-bamacRATics would have you believe–has re-doubled efforts to force the Congress back toward the representative republic we all know and love!!  While we’ve already discussed the “Clown Prince‘s” ‘spanking‘ in West Virginia, consider these poll results:
Montana (US) Senate seat–Dennis Rehberg (r, 53%); incumbent Jon Tester (d, 43%);
Nevada (US) Senate seat–incumbent Dean Heller (r, 51%); Shelley Berkley (d, 40%);
Missouri (US) Senate seat–Sarah Steelman (r, 49%); incumbent Claire McCaskill (d, 40%); 
Ohio (US) Senate seat–incumbent Sharrod Brown (d, 44%); Josh Mandel (r, 41%), with 12% of likely voters UNDECIDED;
Massachusetts (US) Senate seat–incumbent Scott Brown (r, 45%); Elizabeth Warren (d, 45%), with 8% of likely voters UNDECIDED;
Florida (US) Senate seat–Connie Mack (r, 43%); incumbent Bill Nelson (d, 36%);
*Nebraska (US) Senate seat–Jon Bruning (r, 55%); Bob Kerrey (d, 33%);
**Wisconsin (US) Senate seat–Tommy Thompson (r, 50%); Tammy Baldwin (d, 36%).
*Incumbent Senator Ben Nelson is quitting before the voters hand him his-ass-on-a-silver-platter in the wake of owe-bamaKare’s “Cornhusker Kick-Back” scandal (voters don’t forget crooks)!! 
**Incumbent Senator Herb Kohl has likewise, seen the “anti-owe-bama writing-on-the-wall” and has opted for retirement over resounding defeat!! 
    The current make up of the United States Senate tenuously favors the owe-bamacratics:  51 owe-bamacRATics + 2 ‘less-than’ independents; 47 republicRATics.  The aforementioned senate contests–if current sentiment holds–will surely transform the Senate into one more closely representing the direction the American voter prefers.
Til Nex’Time….