“Clown Prince” Less Popular Than Federal Felon

    No…. I’m not talking about Rahm Emanuel; not David Axelrod; not ‘General holder!!’  I’m talking about Federal Inmate #11593-051, aka Keith Judd, incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Facility in Texarkana, Texas.  Mr Judd will continue to be a “taxpayer guest” at said facility for a total of 210 months for extortion.  My question:  Is Mr Judd a former IRS employee?!?

KeithAnybody But owe-bamaJudd

    The “Clown Prince” was ‘primaried’ by Mr Judd in the in the West Virginia owe-bamacRATic presidential primary where Mr Judd carried ten counties and 41% of the turned-out voters.  This is quite a telling result given that the “Clown Prince” is the incumbent ruler; given that NO ONE had to vote; given that the owe-bamacRATics have already written West Virginia off in the upcoming general election.  An additional result of Mr Judd‘s capturing 41% of the vote is that he now can field a delegate at the owe-bamacRATic National Convention–temporarily, still in Charlotte, N.C.–because he won at least 15% of said vote.

    Neither Joe Manchinformer governor; current senator from West Virginia–nor Earl Ray Tomblinthe state’s current governor–would admit which federal felon they voted for!!

Til Nex’Time….