A ‘Scramble’ At The Pentagon!
    Now that Mr Teresa Heinz,–who served in Viet Nam–(or, if you prefer: Mr John Heinz-Kerrywho served in Viet Nam) has revealed ‘damage’ to his face after cosmetic surgery, the Pentagon is scrambling to get the Senatorwho served in Viet Namanother Purple Heart Medal; the Senatorwho served in Viet Nam–considers having his (eye) bags “unpacked” to be injuries sustained as a result of hostile armed conflict, just how, is anyone’s guess!

Kerry-who served in Viet Nam-after cosmetic surgery

Kerry-who served in Viet Nam-‘Fulbright’ Testimony

   Senator Heinz-Kerrywho served in Viet Nam–learned in the 1970s, throwing your medals–even those mostly unearned–over the White House fence isn’t the ‘politically-correct’ thing to do.  On April 23,1971–after two-hour speech AT the ‘Fulbright’ Committee, the day beforeMr Kerrywho served in Viet Nam; before he was Mr Heinz-Kerrywho also served in Viet Nam–tossed one Silver Star, one Bronze Star and three Purple Heart medals over said fence in protest of the Viet Nam War, inwhich he had served!!
    I’m sure Senator Heinz-Kerrywho served in Viet Nam–is quietly lobbying the Pentagon generals for one who’ll recommend him for the next award!
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