A Political ‘Stepping-Stone!’

Jenna Bush Hagar; Meghan McCain; Chelsea Clinton

    In this photo, there’s but one possibly legitimate news, special projects-person, that being Jenna Bush Hagar (l);  Ms McCain is little more than a spoiled-lil’-rich-kid; rebelling against Daddy’s politics and Mummy’s vast millions; Ms Clintontrading on a pair of coat-tails–Daddy’s presidency; Mummy’s senatorship, secretarial position.
    As I see it, this is the thinly-veiled persuit of a self-perceived higher calling–that of a political bent ….and so be it!!  Ms Clinton has every right to persue any career she so desires.  This career change will surely benefit her by having that “plain-as-a-stump-fence” face in front of the camera periodically.  While I wish her well, I don’t see this panning out as she desires.  She has all manner of baggage to carry; her father–“Slick-Willie“–actually being an accused rapist (Juanita Broaddrick ring a bell?!?); actually being one of the few presidents to be impeached (even though he beat-the-charges!); her mother’s (in)famous speech on the ‘Today’ show co-opting the phrase “vast, rightwing conspiracy” in defense of her husband’s proven philandering with Monica Lewinsky; and on, and on!!
Were Ms Clinton one of my kids, I’d counsel her to study this conundrum long-and-hard before jumping from this broadcast adventure into politics!!
Til Nex’Time….