Fascist Control Over All Things Financial!

    As reported the Heritage Foundation’s blog, the ‘Frank-Dodd’ bill has spawned more control over the individual citizen with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)–if that’s even possible!!!  The really slimy George Soros made the supervisory position an “advisor to the president” and as such, does not require confirmation by the Senate as do the ‘up-front’ cabinet positions.  Elizabeth Warren is the SJo choice to play dictator over America’s individual financial thought and action.

    Some of the freedoms this bureau will eradicate or tightly control:

  • Regulating services provided by automated teller machines; bill payments by phone; point-of-sale transfers in stores.
  • Supervising retail sales made by mail, telephone, fax, internet; how products can be advertised; how products can be shipped.
  • Collecting data from banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders and others to insure lending practices are “fair” to local communities.
  • Regulating terms and conditions of credit cards, mortgages, leasing, franchises and other financial services.
  • Overseeing communications between developers, prospective buyers and homeowners, including the types of printed materials that must be destributed based on the number of lots in a subdivision, including property restrictions and descriptions of climate and topography.

   So far, these types of unconstitutional intrusions into Americans’ daily lives have been resisted by the right-minded republicRATs in Congress.  What ever happened to personal responsibility?  The socio-fascists that are the Soros/Jarrett/owe-bama regime prey upon those who lazily want the federal government–government at any level–to make the important decisions for them.  This gives the ne’er-do-well individual someone–something–to blame when their lives ‘go to hell in a handbasket!!’ (For far more information, consult the URLs below.)

Til Nex’Time….