What The Tea Party DOES NOT Need!
    Threatening those public officeholders that members of Tea Party don’t agree with IS NOT THE WAY to advance their cause!!  The movement has made such strides as to cause the obamacRATics to rethink their upcoming campaigns.  When–since the actual Boston Tea Party, leading to the American Revolution–has a ‘leaderless,’ nationwide, organization had such an impact on the day-to-day congressional operations??  With “Clown Prince” obama subtly kicking off “Campaign of Fluff-Redux” during his Arizona Tragedy Memorial Pep Rally, indicates that Soros and the obamacRATics have some concerns in retaining the White House after the 2012 “selections-for-elections.’  As published in the Arizona Republic newspaper:

  • A local Republican Party official in Arizona resigned his position this week after the attempted assassination of Democratic congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, citing the threat of violence from Tea Party members in his area.  Anthony Miller told the Arizona Republic newspaper that local Tea Party members had made verbal and online attacks on him since he first was elected to the local party leadership.
  • The newly-elected Dist. 20 Republican secretary, Sophia Johnson of Ahwatukee, first vice chairman Roger Dickinson of Tempe and Jeff Kolb, the former district spokesman from Ahwatukee, also quit. “This singular focus on ‘getting’ Anthony (Miller) was one of the main reasons I chose to resign,” Kolb said in an e-mail to another party activist.

    I agree in principle with the basic tenets of the ‘Tea Party movement!’  Just shortly after finding that this quasi-national organization was being formed as many, many local and regional organizations, I joined the Rochester, N.Y., contingent (URL below-*).   That being said, I urge the ‘Tea Party movement‘ to counsel their membership not to practice activism of this type!!
(Original article🙂 http://www.azcentral.com/community/ahwatukee/articles/2011/01/11/20110111gabrielle-giffords-arizona-shooting-resignations.html
(socialists’ take🙂 http://www.wsws.org/articles/2011/jan2011/ariz-j14.shtml
    As evidenced by the hastily prepared (state and federal taxpayer-funded) University of Arizona venue and backdrop for the obama Memorial Pep Rally, Soros and the Handler Group are taking to the campaign trail early.  Those “Together We Thrive” tee-shirts on every seat at the rally site?  Nothing more than a recycled, tired “Campaign of Fluff” slogan! The “Clown Prince’s” say-nothing,’ syrupy blather is another indication that the run-up to 2012 won’t be much more than the “Campaign of Fluff-Redux;” more of the same empty, unfulfilled promises!!
    I gotta tell’ya….. I think “Soros and friends” are scared!!  They severely underestimated the seriousness of the drubbing they took in November!!  See, up until the “obama-Arizona ‘Tragic‘ Memorial Pep Rally,” Soros, the regime and their minions were used to any negative event or news “dryin’ up ‘n’ blowin’ away” after a couple of days;  this time neither the event nor the news dried up-nor did it ‘blow away!’

    That goofy Sheriff Dupe’nick is keeping everything on the front pages, when Soros-obama just want it to go away; nearly everything the fascist-libs say–turns-about to bite the regime in the ass!!  To paraphrase Rahm Emanuel, this is clearly the ‘serious crisis’ Soros-obama WANT to go to waste!!
    The polls continue to verify that the “Clown Prince” and his blather are both becoming more irrelevant as time goes on regardless of his ‘spin:’

42% of Likely U.S. Voters say they view it as a positive if a candidate is described as politically conservative.  21% say it’s a negative description.
Tea Party candidate is seen positively by 31%, unchanged from September, but negatively by 32%. Thirty-three percent (33%) put it somewhere in between. In September, 38% viewed Tea Party as a negative.
29% saying progressive was a positive description and 28% describing it as a negative. This marks ‘a continuing downward trend’ for progressive which little over three years ago was slightly more popular than conservative.
In December, the number of American adults calling themselves Republicans increased to 37.0%, while the number calling themselves Democrats fell by a point to 33.7%.
54% of Likely U.S. Voters at least somewhat favor repeal of the health care bill, with 44% who Strongly Favor it.
Support for repeal is even higher – at 62% – among those who have discussed the health care law with a doctor, a nurse or other health care professional.

40%  of American voters say the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords could not have been prevented, in a Quinnipiac poll released today.
23%  blame the mental health system,
15%  blame heated political rhetoric and
9%  blame lax gun control.
52 vs 41% of respondents say “heated political rhetoric drives unstable people to commit violence,” the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds.
36 vs 32% of respondents say Liberals rather than conservatives are more responsible for such rhetoric.
59% of respondents say they are paying a lot of attention to the ‘Arizona Shooting’ story and 26 percent saying they are paying some attention to the story.

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