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  • The Democrats have never liked the Bush tax cuts. They blamed them for virtually every economic calamity that we’ve had, and now all of a sudden they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread because Obama extended them.” -Rush Limbaugh
  • For those of you who think that repealing ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ will put the gay rights issue to rest for a while, just ask yourself, did electing Obama put an end to all race issues?” -Rush Limbaugh
  • ESPN forgets they’re telecasting a football game. The game is secondary — and they’re not the worst at it.  But NBC makes it look like this is the only game of the weekend that matters even when it doesn’t.” -Rush Limbaugh


“Clown Prince” To Make ‘Reparations
    The “Clown Prince” obama INjustice Department, in continuing ‘wealth redistribution’ activities is awarding ‘reparations‘ to 94,000 claimants in the Pigford v. Glickman class action lawsuit against the USDA.  The suit, known as Pigford v. Vilsack, or simply “Pigford II,” alleges the USDA starting in the early Eighties, had discriminated on the basis of race in administering various grant and loan programs. Yet the details of the case strongly suggest that the evidence of willful discrimination was at best was fragmentary and often fraudulent.
    The Senate has approved $1.25 billion in funding for black farmers who were supposedly discriminated against by the Department of Agriculture. Only one problem: The vast majority of claimants to that cash are fraudulent. There are only 18,000 black farmers in the United States.
    We know that it isn’t tough to cut spending. The federally-funded Smithsonian Institution spends cash stocking its National Portrait Gallery with pictures of Ellen DeGeneres clutching her naked bosom, penises, and nude brothers making out — all of this in order to show America how gays and lesbians “struggle for justice … [attempting to] claim their full inheritance in America’s promise of equality, inclusion and social dignity.”  {*} http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigford_v._Glickman

Note to the federal government: the unemployment rate is 9.8 percent and climbing. Perhaps that money might be better spent actually helping those who “struggle for justice” by giving it back to the people who create jobs for those in need.

    The “Clown Prince” doesn’t get it because he doesn’t understand the American people as a whole. Yes, during good times, we like our social services — we make foolish decisions and elect liberals who promise to use our wealth in “fair” fashion. Then, when liberals inevitably screw things up, we wise up to our mistakes and recognize that wealth creation requires the dynamism of freedom rather than the stability of redistributionism.

In addition to the money each claimant receives, USDA will forgive all their debt. Indeed, some have gone so far as to consider Pigford another form of reparations, pointing to the Pigford Judge Paul Friedman’s reference to “Forty acres and a mule” in the opening line in his consent decree.

republicRAT lawmakers called on ‘General’ Holder to start an investigation into the settlement’s claimants to ensure they are genuine. In addition, they asked congressional leaders not to sign off on new appropriations for the settlement.

How’s that “Hope ‘n’ Change” workin’ for ya, now?!?!
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