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The Modern Pearl Harbor
    While the ‘real‘ Pearl Harbor took place in 1941, current Americans are currently living through the obama version of Pearl Harbor!

The destroyed USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor; Dec 7, 1941

Ninety minutes after it began, the attack on American naval facilities at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii,  was over.  2,386 Americans died (55 were civilians, most killed by unexploded American anti-aircraft shells landing in civilian areas), a further 1,139 wounded. Eighteen ships were sunk or run aground, including five battleships.  Of the American fatalities, nearly half of the total were due to the explosion of the Arizona’s forward magazine after it was hit by a modified 16 inch shell.

    The framework for the current “Pearl Harbor” likely began in college forums and discussions, where he and his ‘gang of thieves’ formulated the best path for America into one form or another, of socialism.  In keeping with his philosophy of not “workin‘ for a livin’ “, the “Clown Prince” became but a lecturer at Chicago Law School and a civil rights attorney; member of the board of directors of the Joyce Foundation and the Woods Fund of Chicago; former executive director of the Developing Communities Project; all payment for blathering about
    After a very short legislative career in the Illinois State Senate, obama completed his again very short legislative career in the U.S. Senate; actually only 143 days of actual work at the federal level!  While only in the federal Senate for less than four years, a large portion–if not most–of his tenure was spent on the “Campaign of Fluff;” again on someone else’s “dime!!”  The non-KoolAid drinkers came to realize that obama was ‘all fluff-no substance.’  The only time any ‘substance’ came to the fore occurred when obama was confronted about a “piece of fluff” with the public demanding explanations, i.e., Joe-The-Plumber” and the ‘wealth re-distribution’ fiasco!!! The opposite side of the coin came when after his ‘selection for election,’ the “Clown Prince” gave all the welfareRATs a $250 check.  The “KoolAid drinkin’ ‘RATs” in Detroit had no idea where the money came from; they labeled it “OBAMA MONEY!!”
    Even before he took office, the “Clown Prince” whined, pissed and moaned–most likely at George SOROS’ behest–until President Bush authorized TARP; a vast federal give-away to prop up both deserving and undeserving financial institutions.  Then came the $787 BILLION in PORKulus funds-primarily for FOBs (friends of barack) and campaign supporters.  Next, his legislative genius conceived, promoted and legislated the federal takeover of private student loan programs; private healthcare programs; private health insurance programs; two auto manufacturers-just to name a few of the fascist programs in his regime.
    His and The Fed’s fiscal policies continue to take the United States down a ‘slippery slope’ with a regime-wide bailout mentality;’  the monetization of everything under the sun; at least two instances of ‘quantative easing’ all of which can not possibly be REPAID IN THIS CENTURY!!                                                               
Yesterday, In The Mail….
    I received a second copy of “The Patriot’s Toolbox,” (Eighty principles for restoring our freedom and prosperity) from The Heartland Institute (  I had previously ordered the ‘toolbox’ with additional pamphlets covering (actually duplicates of) the eight chapters within.
    With the phamphlet came a letter explaining Heartland’s purpose and philosophy; a request for donations (which I FULLY INTEND to honor!); and surprisingly-a request to further their efforts with the free distribution of their publications.
    The institute has several URLs, thus:
{*}The institute is most interested in organizations through which they can donate; distribute their publications.  I’m gonna help-will you?

Til Nex’Time….

{**}This ‘modern era’ version began long before anyone realized what a fascist obama would become. Barry Soetoro–aka barack obama–learned first marxism–then the rest of the ‘dictatorial’ -isms–at his ‘family’s knee.’  While the ‘schlub-in-chief’ was in high school, college, grad school and Harvard Law, he wanted for nothing; had (nor has) never taken a “wage-payin’ ” job.  Everything–tuition, necessities, travel, living expenses–came from family, acquaintances, scholarships, etc.  The guy HAS NEVER EARNED a dam’ dime that wasn’t a government paycheck or a government grant.