WikiLeaks: A Benefit For obama, et al?
    For all that’s going on–worldwide–with all this ‘WikiLeaks‘ crap;  where’s all the wrath from the obama Regime?!?!  You’re not gonna hear any, folks!!
George Soros, the “Clown Prince,”  the obama Handler Group, et al; are enjoying all the negative headlines suggesting Hillary resign her post.  Not only that–this latest release plays right into the hands of the marxists, fascists, who won’t be happy until at the very least-America get it’s comeuppance [deserved punishment; retribution] for being the freest, most prosperous entity on the planet; in recorded history!!  At the very most, their happiness will culminate with an actual ‘one-world’ government, WITH THEM IN CHARGE!!! 
This WikiLeak‘ travesty could end IN A NEW YORK MINUTE with just a snap of the SOROS fingers!!’

HELLO…..Any Investors Out There?!?!
   If there are, check out the URL at the bottom of this entry!! 
Let me giv’ya some background here:

  • Dividend Champions is a list compiled by of companies meeting it’s criteria for ongoing, increasing, dividend payments.
  • David Fish is a contributor to the aformentioned website, writing his ‘Smackdown’ column.
  • DRIP:  a (hopefully) No-Fee, company-sponsored Dividend Reinvestment Plan.

    Essentially, the article is aimed at younger–or first-time–investors who have the ‘investment years’ going forward, to take advantage of this method of investment.  Although a primary appeal to the younger investor, anyone can take advantage of these investment principles!

‘Dream Act’ Part Of Lib’s Ongoing Scam Agenda!
    You can’t have missed all the drivel!!

  • ‘The DREAM Act’ will provide a path for all those underfed, under-housed, under-paid, little brown people who only entered The United States to achieve a better life for themselves [-and untold hundreds of their friends and close relatives!!].
  • ‘The DREAM Act’ is just one way that the obamacRATic fascists hope to level the playing field for our sadly mistreated southern brown neighbors.

The current rules:  Illegal immigrants can only obtain permanent residency status through their parents; there is no independent method to accomplish this. Normally a child brought into the country illegally without immigration visas, would have to first leave the US in order to apply for a visa. Returning to their country of birth would not guarantee a path to a visa. Attempts to return legally are often difficult.
The current rules:  The U.S. government is authorized to award naturalized citizenship to non-citizens honorably serving in the various military branches during a time of war.

  • ‘The DREAM Act’ would:  Award citizenship to those aliens honorably serving in the U.S. military (a duplication of laws-it’s already ‘on the books!’).
  • ‘The DREAM Act’ would:  Award citizenship to those aliens current enrolled (and future enrollees) in institutions of higher learning.

The dirty little secret the fascists don’t want the ‘Tea Party types’ to know:

Neither themilitary  nor theeducational aspects of  ‘The DREAM Act’  has to be completed….and…. GET THIS:  There’s an ‘opt-out’ provision-the illegal ‘fence-jumpers’ don’t even have to ENTER either program to gain citizenship!!!

Nancy PORKlosi intends to ram this through the House–no one’s told her, She’s a MINORITY, now!!
Pinky‘ reid still has his majority seat (at great expense to SOROS!); ‘The DREAM Act’ is a pet project of his-increasing fascist voter numbers!!

Government By Executive Order

    A new Labor Department plan shows that George SOROS and (maybe)the “Clown Prince” still have wide power to implement an anti-business agenda (destruction of the American ‘backbone’ as we know it).

Til Nex’Time….