America’s Destruction Continues!

“Clown Prince” Continues To Be MORE Blather Than Substance!!
    On Monday “Clown Prince” obama proposed a two-year freeze of the salaries of about 2 million federal workers, trying to seize the deficit-cutting initiative from Republicans with a sudden, dramatic(?) stroke. Though signaling White House concern over record deficits, the freeze would make only a tiny dent in annual deficits or the nation’s $14 trillion debt.
    “Clown Prince” obama is a true maestro with his fancy accounting!  If he truly had the best interests of the American taxpayer at heart, he would have said NO promotions; NO step increases, for a specified period of time.    

“Small businesses and families are tightening their belts,’’obama said in a brief blather at the White House. “The government should, too.’’ The administration said the plan was designed(?) to save more than $5 billion over the two years.

    To put a finer point on the blather:  the proposal has a net effect of zero-point-crap!’  The federal pay scales have step increases built in.  As an example, let’s take just your average, everyday clerk/typist.  These folks–if I remember correctly–are usually a GS-6.  OK, so they get hired as a GS-6, Step 1-earning an annual salary of $30,577.  Say this clerk is really a hard worker and stays with the same job for 4 years (hypothetically, the same length as the fictitous ‘pay freeze’); it’s conceivable that this worker could advance to a GS-6, Step 7, which pays $36,691. Is that–or is it nota pay raise?!?!


On April 15, 2010, the White House released the Obamas 2009 tax returns. Based on that release, a reasonable tally of “Clown Prince” obama’s net worth is $10,111, 249. The returns showed that in 2009, obama earned $5,505,409.
    This inept boob whines, pisses and moans about everyone’s pay without making his earnings public knowledge.  I’m not sure if that five and a half MILLION includes his presidential pay; even if it does-five MILLION is still a “hefty chunk’a’change!!”

    By comparison, President and Laura Bush had a joint adjusted gross income of $923,807 for the year 2007.  23% of that income was from a required ‘blind trust‘ which controls the family’s investments.

    If obama truly believes what Soros told him to say; shouldn’t he volunteer to be a “dollar-a-year” guy for as long as it takes to correct the destruction HE HAS CAUSED??  Lee Iacocca did it as Chairman of Chrysler Corp during that company’s ‘darkest hours’ in the late ’70s; AND he did so for as long as Chrysler owed the federal government their loan repayments!!
    The “Clown Prince’s” favorite fascist, Woodrow Wilson; had several “dollar-a-year” men in his administration during World War I;  a large number of prominent merchants, bankers, manufacturers, professionals; talented leaders in industry, economics, education and other key fields stepped forward to become executives in federal departments in which they were experts.
    Hell, the “Clown Prince” even has a volunteer of his own, a retired newspaperman/professor-Bruce Frassinelli, who says: 

    Any of us with special or unique talents, who can help solve some of the most pressing issues in our nation’s history, should consider becoming Dollar-a-Year people. (Of course, women also should be part of this program.) Let me walk the talk, too: I am volunteering my services for a dollar a year, and if President Obama will have me, I’m willing to start tomorrow. As for that dollar payment, I will donate it, along with a $100 bill, to the Salvation Army to help feed needy families who have suffered mightily at the hands of unscrupulous and unethical businessmen and women.

Til Nex’Time….