Was It REALLY A republicRAT Win?
    I’d like to quote a couple of paragraphs from a ‘Charles Krauthammer’ piece in Saturday’s rag:

    “The rejection was stunning.  As a result, president obama’s agenda is dead.  This is not, however, a rejection of democRATs as a party.
    The center-left party as represented by Bill Clinton remains competitive in every cycle.  The lesson of Tuesday is that the American game is played between the 40-yard lines.  So long as democRATs don’t repeat obama’s drive for the red zone, democRATs will cyclicially prevail, just as republicRATs do.”

How true this is!!  Mr Krauthammer is eloquent in his description of the mid-term elections.  The ‘Tea Partiers’ must not get lost in the euphoria of the moment; stay grounded in the tasks at hand.  The one thing politicians should take from this election cycle: This IS NOT THE CYCLE to immediately start campaigning toward the next election–as some are wont to do.  The House membership–rookies and veterans, alike–must above all, stay grounded as well!!  The American voter sent them to the House with a mandate; a mandate to correct obamaCare, to reduce federal spending, to reduce the size and scope of the federal government.

‘Socialized Medicine’ From The 1960s
[I found this article and related photo on WYSL’s website (http://www.wysl1040.com/).  Please don’t tell ’em; it’s copyrighted material.  This stuff is profoundly ‘on-point’ for today’s “obamaCare” discussions!
If I hadn’t known that Mr Reagan passed away, I’da sworn I was listening to an audio ‘blog’….]

    In 1961, before his political career got underway, future President of the US Ronald Reagan delivered a ten-minute warning about socialized medicine and its likely trajectory as a societal flying wedge, for the establishment of socialism in the USA. Reagan, denied access to mass media by a left-leaning mass media establishment lost in adoration of a charismatic new US President (John F. Kennedy) had to find a different vehicle to get his message out.
    In this pre-internet era, Reagan chose to record a phonograph record (cover reproduced above) citizens could play for neighbors as a communal warning. Americans organized “coffee klatches” to play Reagan’s message which, at just over ten minutes long, corresponded neatly with the time needed to drink a cup of coffee or have a cigarette. After the session, the record would be passed on to someone else who would hold his or her own “coffee klatch.” In this slow-motion fashion, Reagan’s warning about socialism went “viral” in 1961. The net result: socialized medicine was defeated by an avalanche of adverse public opinion, expressed by an angry public via its only means of communication in that era: letters delivered by US Mail to Congressmen and Senators.
    Reagan’s talk on socialized medicine, heard today, is eerily predictive of both today’s messianic push for government control over our healthcare system and Obama’s ever-advancing socialistic agenda. HEAR THIS AUDIO FILE NOW .  (www.wysl1040.com/audio/REAGAN_LP.mp3) And send the link to your friends. Get your “coffee klatch” going today!

NEW ‘Handyman’ Tools

DeWALT’s New AR-15 Style NailGun

New Nail Gun, made by DeWALT.

It can drive a 16-D nail through a 2 X 4 at 200 yards.

This makes construction a breeze,  you can sit in your lawn chair and build a fence.
Just get your wife to hold the fence boards in place while you sit back,  relax with a cold adult-beverage and when she has the board in the right place,  just fire away.
With the hundred nail magazine  you can build the fence with a minimum of reloading.

After a day of fence building with the new DeWalt Rapid fire nail gun the wife will not ask you to build or fix anything else, probably, ever again.

Time For The U.S. To ‘Resign’ From U.N.?!?!
   Thanks to the obama regime, the United Nations started the process of judging American “human rights violations” in Geneva.

Our Human Rights ‘judges?’

The “universal periodic review” hearing – which is presided over by a troika of nations including France, Japan, and Cameroon – sets aside two hours for criticism by foreign nations. 
    Now there’s a prize: Cameroon (photo; right) to preside over the public skewering of the United States!?!?!?  This is a country where: (*)Obviously Cameroon is one shit-bag rathole I wanna be judged by!!!
    Some of the other ratholes that lined up to testify:

Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, China, Libya, Egypt, and Russia; all stalwarts in the ‘human rights’ arena!!

In unrelated news, Iran’s foreign minister announced today the government had made “no final decision” on whether to stone to death Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a mother of two accused of adultery. They are considering hanging her instead.   
In addition to foreign testimony, this troika will consider reports written about America from UN tribunals or international governing bodies, hear testimony from NGOs with a pronounced anti-American bias, and consider “voluntary pledges and commitments made by” the United States. Then the French, Japanese, and Cameroon diplomats will draw up a plan of action for the United States to implement.

    “Clown Prince” obama’s first-ever report on U.S. human rights to the UN Human Rights Council is a groveling blueprint for socialism that includes references to such alleged human rights deficiencies as Arizona’s immigration law and the absence of card-check union representation, same-sex “marriage,” universal preschool, and “freedom from want.”  

(*)political dissent is not allowed!

security forces use excessive and unnecessary force – and the perpetrators have enjoyed impunity!

security forces killed as many as 100 civilians in 2008, during demonstrations against the escalating cost of living!

unfair trials, intimidation and harassment, including death threats, are routinely used by the authorities to quash criticism from politicians, human rights defenders!

prison conditions in Cameroon are characterised by inadequate food and medical care as well as overcrowding. All too often minors are held together with adults and there is inadequate separation of males from females!

Prisons are reportedly infested with rats and cockroaches!

(**)Zohreh Elahian, a member of Iran’s UN delegation, said the motley crew of witnesses intends “to declare their criticisms of the U.S. policies in area of human rights.” The Great Satan’s insistence that it sets the standard on human rights “redoubled the importance” of their testimony, he added.

W-O-W!! Now that’s ‘Hope and Change’ we can believe in!!!

[“Don’t Tread…..” image from http://www.fubowear.com/]
Til Nex’Time….