Share The Power, harry?!?!
    Remember when the Congress crammed obamaCare down our throats?!?!  You remember any honchos of either chamber “begging” republicRATs to join them in the destruction of America’s health care system??  The republicRATs wisely declined the invitation!!  With the declination, the obamacRATs ‘own’ obamaCare which inturn, aided in the republicRAT LANDSLIDE in the mid-terms.
    Now that harry reid has stolen his election (next entry) is he up for another offer?  harry….. How ’bout a “power-sharing” deal like Tom Daschle demanded after the obamacRATs lost the 2000 elections??  In that deal:

Negotiations produced even numbers of senators from each party on every committee.
The Senate approved the plan by voice vote on Jan. 5, 2001. 
Republicans held the chairmanships, but committee budgets were split evenly.
The vice president’s tie-breaking vote could force nominations and bills from deadlocked committees.Certain procedures could not be used to block amendments from being offered, thus removing one frequent roadblock to passage in the Senate.

How’d Dat Happen….?!?!
    How’d harry reid manage to pull this ‘victory’ off?!?! 

Sharron Angle:  Carried EVERY COUNTY except three:

Angle: 50 to 75% reid: 15 to 35%

harry reid–Carried only three counties:

Clark: reid-54.4%; Angle-41.4%
Mineral: reid-44.9%; Angle-43.2%
Washoe: reid-49.9%; Angle-44.9%

Sumthin’ stinks in Nevada politics!  Could it be the aroma given off by SEIU and New Black Panther thugs?!?!

Barney Said…What?!?!
Here’s a direct quote from Barney Frank’s ‘purchase’ speech:

“I was very much disappointed in the tenor of this campaign.” Barney Frank continued to declare that his win was a triumph over “unreasoning anger, vituperation, anonymous smears” and declared, “The collective campaigns that were run by most Republicans were beneath the dignity of a democracy. I am delighted that they were repudiated.”

Hey, Barn’?  I thought you aught’ta get it straight from the ol’ Funk ‘n’ Wagnall’s:

Repudiate (re-pu-di-ate):

1.To reject the validity or authority of;

2.To reject emphatically as unfounded, untrue, or unjust;
3.To refuse to recognize or pay.

If the drubbing you House obamacRATs took on election day is what is called  ‘being repudiated,’  then by all means, repudiate the republicRATs EVERY ELECTION!!!

“Clown Prince” Update:

    WTF is “Clown Prince” obama up to?!?!  Is his trip to India a:

  1. Visit
  2. Defection
  3. Self-Imposed Exile
  4. Coup d’etat

OR….. does he have inside information that some grevious, terrorist, Muslim act is destined for Washington, D.C., the Mid-Atlantic region or the United States in general?!?!
OR…. is he merely going with over ten-percent of the U.S. Navy in a show-of-force in protecting American corporations’  “off-shore” call/help centers?!?!
Til Nex’Time….