“Geeze-Louise” McIntosh Rodham Slaughter

New York State Still Suffers obamacRATs!
    The standard obama ‘yes-men’ won the day in New York State; Chuckie-Cheese Schumer, Kirsten ‘The Invisible Senator’ Gillibrand and “Geeze-Louise” McIntosh Rodham Slaughter amongst others.
    Chuckie-Cheese still has ‘The Invisible Senator’ as his second vote for support of Wall Street monied ‘special’ interests and his brethren in “The Ruling Class.”  Sadly, rare is the original thought from Ms Gillibrand!  Ms Rodham-Slaughter–so assured of her return to the House–couldn’t even be bothered to campaign, to actually see some of the people she rules!!  One has but to look at her district’s layout to see she’d have ‘a-devil-of-a-time’ losing in what has to be the most gerrymandered district–NY28–in the state.  As a carpetbagger from Kentucky, Ms Rodham-Slaughter has held the seat since gerrymandering to a 90% obamacRATic voter base in 1993.

Tonight’s Blather Opportunity….
    If “Clown Prince” obama is anything–he’s predictable!!  Much as the obamacRATs did in 1994, obama will now demand that the House republicRATs ‘work with him across the aisle, in a bi-partisan manner….’  BULLSHIT!!

George Soros-The obama Mind

     ALL members of the House of Representatives have a clear mandate from the American voter: STOP obama!!  With a current majority of 56 seats–13 seats are still undecided–the republicRATs will now have the power to ensure that the “Clown Prince” listens to “the will of the people!!”  I’m sure that tonight’s blather will offer reasons as to why obama has lost so many ‘yes-men,’ we’ll just have to wait for George Soros’ opinions.

From Here, From Now; To Where, And When?!
    Initially, The House of Representatives has to deal with Nancy PORKlosi’s replacement.  John Boehner (Oh-8) as the longest serving member, is the heir-apparent to the post.  Given Mr Boehner‘s ‘love of the grape,’ he’s not my ideal candidate;  I would rather that Rep Eric Cantor (Va-7) or Rep Paul Ryan (Wi-1) be chosen in his stead.  Mr Boehner is considered a masterful negotiator; negotiation and bi-partianship are not the qualities the majority of American voters want to see!!  Americans–by and large–voted for the end to huge and growing spending levels; the end to huge debt levels;  the end to huge and growing federal government and the personal control that it brings;  the end to huge unemployment numbers and first and foremost: the end to the obama Great Recession!!”  What we DO NOT WANT TO SEE is a republicRAT update to this quote from Nancy PORKlosi, on the 2006 election results:

On election night 2006, incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) took note of her party’s sweeping electoral victory and proclaimed, “Democrats promise to work together in a bi-partisan way for all Americans!”

Til Nex’Time….