“Clown Prince;” obamacRATs Scared!
    “Clown Prince” obama is currently runnin’ ’round, negatively campaigning for obamacRATs–now attacking the U.S. Chamber of Commerce!  VERY FEW–if any–of his points will ‘hold water’ most notably, the campaign donations rules–he alleges–the chamber is violating. [**]

The White House intensified its attacks last Sunday on the powerful U.S. Chamber of Commerce for its alleged ties to foreign donors, part of an escalating obamacRAT effort to link republicRAT allies with corporate and overseas interests ahead of the November midterm elections.  The chamber adamantly denies that foreign funds are used in its U.S. election efforts, accusing obamacRATs of orchestrating a speculative smear campaign during a desperate political year. 
    The remarks are part of a volley of recent attacks by the “Clown Prince” and other obamacRATs on alleged foreign influence within the republicRAT caucus, whether through support for outsourcing jobs by major U.S. corporations or through overseas money making its way into the coffers of GOP-leaning interest groups.  obamacRATs are attempting to cope with an onslaught of independent political advertising aimed at bolstering republicRATs, much of it fueled by donations that do not have to be revealed to the public. The spending has added to a political environment in which the republicRATs couldvery well sweep into power in both the House and Senate.
ANALYSIS:  The “Clown Prince” is as big a ‘skunk’ as there’s been in modern-era politics!  He fails to remember that he accepted THOUSANDS of illegal donations during the “Campaign of Fluff,” funding his ‘Selection for Election.’  This is just a small portion of lists numbering in the THOUSANDS of illegal contributions (Federal Maximum-$2,400):

[**]You don’t know (the origin of their donations), it could be the oil industry. It could even be foreign-owned corporations. You don’t know because they don’t have to disclose.”

  1. ADLER, ROBERT C,  Total: $11,500.00
  2. ANDREAS, LOWELL W,  Total: $10,000.00
  3. BARBAKOW, MARGO B, Total: $13,800.00
  4. BEHRMAN, GRANT G., Total: $13,100.00
  5. BERGER, JONATHAN, Total:  $18,400.00
  6. COZEN, STEPHEN, Total: $10,500.00
  7. COZEN, STEPHEN A, Total: $10,500.00
  8. DATE, RAJEEV, Total: $18,400.00
  9. DIES, MARTIN, Total: $13,800.00
  10. EDWAN, MONIR, Total: $24,321.41
  11. FRIEDMAN, PAULA D, Total: $18,400.00
  12. HATCH, FRANCIS III, Total: $11,500.00
  13. MCGARR, CAPPY R, Total: $10,600.00
  14. MESSERLY, JOHN, Total: $11,476.20
  15. PRO, DOODAD, Total: $10,780.00
  16. WILL, GOOD, Total: $10,450.00
  17. WINTROUB, CAREY J, Total: $11,500.00

Just more of the same obamaCrap!  He gets ‘all whiney’ when the opposition does exactly what his “Campaign of Fluff” got away with!! 
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Ann Marie Buerkle (buerkleforcongress.com)

 Buerkle To Hand Maffei “His @$$ On a Platter!”
    The congressional race that was Maffei’s to lose is now turning around with Ms Buerkle leading Maffei,  40% to 39%.  The local obamacRATs seem to be ‘shaking like a dog pooping razorblades!’  Otherwise, why send up such ‘a big gun’ as “Slick-Willie” Clinton?

On Monday night ‘Slick’ said, “The more people know, the more likely it is he wins. If people really knew the facts this wouldn’t even be a close race. You know it and I know it. Only you can close the gap. Go do it.”

  “I think it is a reflection of the people here are concerned,” says Buerkle. “They want to see a change. They want to get their voice back in Washington and so I think he’s concerned now that he’s not going to win this seat.”
ANALYSIS Once, this race wasn’t nearly as close!  Ann Marie Buerkle has developed a network of faithful volunteers who tirelessly promote Ms Buerkle and her message.  Ms Buerkle herself, travels hither, thither and yon promoting her message and the differences between herself and Maffei-to every corner of the district.  I see her winning this seat!   “Slick-Willie’s” message is much the same obamacRATic blather that’s spouted daily by the regime-faithful.  Well ‘Slick,’ the people HAVE the facts; the primary reason Ms Buerkle has overtaken Mr Maffei!! 

Candidate Christine O’Donnell, Delaware

Why Is “Clown Prince” obama Campaigning In Delaware?!?!

  • (10/5 Headline:)  DELAWARE POLITICS: Coons distances self from Obama
  • (10/7 Headline:)  Obama To Campaign For Coons In Delaware

  • (10/12 Headline:) Poll: Dem has big lead in Delaware Senate race 

ANALYSIS:  We of the ‘Constitutionalist’ persuasion, certainly are not opposed to the “Clown Prince” campaigning FOR ANY obamacRAT candidate-incumbent or ‘newbie!!’  Everywhere obama shows up–teleprompter in tow–that candidate loses in the primary or the general election.
    If the partisan polling is to be believed, there’s no need for the “Clown Prince” to show up anywhere in Delaware; excepting his ongoing narcissistic demands.  Christine O’Donnell is behind in those polls, 53 to 38 percent–a fascist attempt to sway the undecideds?!?!
Til Nex’Time….