obamaCare Really Reform?
    Is the “Clown Prince’s” obamaCare truly reform or just another fascist attempt to redistribute taxpayer’s wealth to “Clown Prince” obama’s favorite unions and special interests??  Did ‘Primary Handler’ George Soros approve all these waivers??  Below are the 31 entities that have thusfar received waivers, business type and the number of enrollees impacted:

  1. Fowler Packing Co. [Fruit Grower, Packer, Shipper] (39)
  2. Baptist Retirement [Retirement Homes/Villages; various states] (127)
  3. BCS Insurance [Health Ins Underwriters-Commercial and Private] (115,000)
  4. Local 17 Hospitality Benefit Fund [Local 17 is the ‘Twin Cities’ local of  UNITE HERE, an international labor union] (881)
  5. Greater Metropolitan Hotel [City Unknown] (1200)
  6. UFT Welfare Fund [NYC Teachers Union] (351,000)
  7. Aegis [Unknown] (162)
  8. Maritime Association [Location Unknown] (500)
  9. Aetna [Insurance Carrier] (209,423)
  10. UABT [United Agribusiness Benefit Trust] (17,347)
  11. Reliance Standard [Group Employee Benefits Provider] (varies)
  12. QK/DRD (Denny’s) [Restaurant] (65)
  13. Guy C. Lee Mfg. [Blding Mat’ls Retailer; North, South Carolinaui] (312)
  14. I.U.P.A.T [International Union of Painters and Allied Trades] (875)
  15. HealthPort [technology; strategic solutions provider for the healthcare sector] (608)
  16. Jack in the Box [Fat Food]  (1,130)
  17. Allflex [Packaging Products/Solutions] (34)
  18. Transport Workers [aviation, oil, waste management, gas, road transport, passenger vehicles and logistics workers union] (107)
  19. Tri-Pak [Unknown] (26)
  20. Cryogenic [process measurement and control] (19)
  21. Metro Paving Fund [Union??] (550)
  22. Health Connector [A “Find a Doctor/Care” Service] (3,544)
  23. Health and Welfare Benefit System [provider of health and welfare products for employers] (41)
  24. PS-ILA [Business Unknown] (8)
  25. PMPS-ILA [Business Unknown] (15)
  26. Maverick County [Texas, County Seat-Eagle Pass] (1)
  27. Sanderson Plumbing Products, Inc. [Products for Aircraft, Commercial, Residential Appl] (326)
  28. GS-ILA [Business Unknown] (298)
  29. Allied [Insurance Provider] (127)
  30. CIGNA [Insurance Provider] (265,000)
  31. McDonald’s Corp [Fat Food] (Unknown)

Sure would have been nice for Nancy PORKlosi to allow the taxpayer to know the provisions of ‘obamaCare’ before it was passed into law!!
With the mid-term elections a scant three weeks out, the regime and the congressional obamacRATs DO NOT want any undue, unfavorable, press on the obamaCare fiasco–hence the waivers!!  It’s bad enough that a good number of the ‘ruling-class’ will be “handed-their-asses.”

Need More Reasons To Vote?!?!
    I found these statistics in Landline Magazine.  I’m a ‘life member’ of the only organization that truly represents the heavy truck driver, both in the U.S. and Canada-OOIDA; Owner-Operator, Independent Driver’s Association.  To read the entire article go to http://www.landlinemag.com/; opinion-editorial; “Next Year’s Lawmakers: Fast and furious.”  To contact the author:  keith_goble@landlinemag.com.  

  • 83 percent of elected officials are on ballots this November.
  • There’ll be a nearly 50 percent increase from 2010 to 2011 in the number of bills introduced at state capitals and Congress; 147,800 bills are anticipated next year.
  • Two states are expected to be churning out far and away more bills than any other state. 12,400 bills are expected in Texas;  New York lawmakers are expected to offer a whopping 16,000 bills.  Amazingly, the two states are pegged to offer nearly 20 percent of all anticipated bill introductions throughout the nation and Congress.  New York lawmakers “work” throughout the year while Texas does it’s work in less than five months. That is more than 2,700 bills each month in Austin – or 675 per week.
  • The per-week average in Texas is more than the total number of bills that are expected to be offered during the regular sessions in four states (Alaska, Delaware, South Dakota and Wyoming.)
  • At the U.S. Capitol, 9,100 bills are expected to be introduced in 2011. That is nearly double the 4,850 bills anticipated for 2010.
  • It shouldn’t be surprising that a nearly 50 percent increase in bill introductions from a year ago is predicted. Capitals are expecting many fresh agendas.
  • And with so many governors on ballots across the country – 37 seats total – with four of every five state lawmakers and 88 percent of Congress, the agendas could reflect different attitudes on a lot of issues. That should be reason enough to make sure to cast a ballot this November.
WHAT Is Steve Forbes Smoking?!?!
    Does Mister Forbes ‘share’ his  stash or keep it for his private use??  He certainly must have had “a heluva buzz on” when “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” list was compiled!!  Let’s look at just the top 10 and compare their merits:
  1. Michelle Obama;  First Lady;  Age 46;  United States; Politics 
  2. Irene Rosenfeld;  CEO–Kraft Foods;  Age 57;  United States;  Business
  3. Oprah Winfrey;  Talk show host and media mogul;  Age 56;  United States;  Media
  4. Angela Merkel;  Chancellor;  Age 56;  Germany;  Politics
  5. Hillary Clinton;  Secretary of State;  Age 62;  United States;  Politics
  6. Indra Nooyi;  CEO–PepsiCo;  Age 54; United States;  Business
  7. Lady Gaga;  Singer and performance artist;  Age 24;  United States;  Lifestyle
  8. Gail Kelly;  CEO–Westpac;  Age 54;  Australia;  Business
  9. Beyonce Knowles;  Singer, fashion designer;  Age 29;  United States;  Lifestyle
  10. Ellen DeGeneres;  Talk show host;  Age 52;  United States;  Media

    What has Michelle “The Moocher” obama actually done?!?!  She’s 46 years old; plenty of time to have accomplished something, ANYTHING!  She’s spent most of her adult life–ALL of her married life–riding on her husband’s (less than reliable) coattails.  From the youngest, Lady Gaga (24); to the oldest, Hillary Clinton (62); each is a multi-millionaire in her own right, even without considering book authorship.  Each has succeeded as her own person; with one possible exception (Mrs Clinton) there are no coattails involved.  When professional power is considered:

  • Is concern for the obese more powerful than shaping and delivering America’s foreign policy and negotiating with heads-of-state (Clinton–Sec’y of State)?!?!
  • Is concern for the obese more powerful than leading the most powerful country in the European Union (Angela Merkel–Germany)?!?!

“The Moocher” DOES have two ‘claims-to-fame:’  A no-show job with which the pay more-than-doubled (from $121,910 to $316,962–University of Chicago Hospital) during her husband’s first year as an Illinois state senator;  Her penchant for ‘fighting off’ those who get in front of her at the “Haagen Dazs” ice cream cart!! 

Til Nex’Time….