Beck/”Restoring Honor” Validation!
Who’da thunk it?!?!
Why wasn’t Saturday’s “One Nation Working Together [ONWT]” a resounding success?!?!

With the scores–if not hundreds–of sponsors….
With the endorsement of a sitting president-America’s own: “Clown Prince” obama….
With dozens of prominent fascists and socialists in attendence….
With many of the obama Regime in attendence….

    The organizers did not have access to Glenn Beck’s topic, planning skills nor Mr Beck’s “average American” supporters!!  This was the clear representation of a poorly planned event incorporated with a philosophy unsupported by the vast majority of the country or it’s voters and taxpayers.  Just days prior to the event, forces were afoot to exclude any American Indian representation, as evidenced by this message published in the Daily Kos pamphlet:

Native America still ignored by One Nation Working Together 

    I’ve been told that the earlier recc listed diary(mother ship) which said my organization the American Indian Movement (AIM) had been included as a sponsor left an incorrect impression and because I wasn’t online today it wasn’t corrected.

    Whoever wrote the diary apprently took the news out of an email I posted from One Nation saying AIM is a sponsor, however the diary failed to include the followup request from me about the meaningful inclusion of Native America and our issues and concerns as a people. In fact the organizers have ignored our calls and emails about our concerns and our repeated attempts to communicate and offer our assistance and support.
    As Meteor Blades said this exclusion of our people by so called progressives is disgraceful and demeaning.
    So we still at this late date need our brother and sister kossacks to help us by calling the organizers and major sponsors of the march to ask why we have been left out and requesting that we be included. Americas native people should not be sidelined and ignored. I know it late in the game but calls to your local Union, NAACP and Environmental organization would greatly help us redress this issue. And please remember; we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are planning this great march and gathering.
Thank you all,
 Carter Camp
(Ponca Nation, AIM).

This report on the USA Today website, October 2nd:
WASHINGTON — Thousands of people from across the country converged on the National Mall on Saturday, one month before the Nov. 2 congressional elections, to rally for jobs, education, immigration overhaul and other liberal causes.  Some participants called the event a counterpoint to the Tea Party movement and a response to what they see as a rightward shift in the nation’s political debate.  “We’re fired up, and we’re fighting for jobs and justice,” said Cheryl Albright, of West Warwick, R.I., a community health advocate. “We believe this is the real America. Look at all the diversity,” she said. “This is not like the Tea Party. They call themselves the real America; we’re the real America, too.
    Karolina Bodner, 64, a retired teacher from Barrington, N.H., marched to show support for such government programs as Social Security, which she said protects the elderly from starvation.

“You see black, white, Latino, Asians, old people and young. I love it. I love this multicultural nation. And we’re all here for the same common goals. We believe in equality and equal opportunity for all. We believe that everybody should have a chance to get ahead.”

    Although organizers, such as Urban League President Marc Morial, said that the gathering was non-partisan, speakers hewed close to the issues that have been emphasized by the DemocRAT Party.

“Most people I know are getting Social Security checks from the government, getting disability checks from the government or driving on roads that are built and repaired by the government. I don’t know who the people are that are saying ‘Get rid of all that.’ “

    Morial told the crowd: “Too many people are hurting. Without good jobs to support our families, our nation cannot recover.”  He called for “a targeted jobs program” to create 3 million jobs “to build our streets and rebuild our cities. … We are for economic empowerment for all. We are one nation working together.”  The Rev. Jesse Jackson encouraged people to vote. And he joined in the lobby for jobs. “We globalized capital without globalizing workers’ rights,” he said.

“This march is about the power to the people,” said MSNBC host Ed Schultz. “It’s about the people standing up to the corporations.  The last two years,” he said, “President obama has had to put up with the world ‘no.’ Forty Republicans (referring to senators) decided to say no while you suffer, while jobs go overseas. We cannot let that happen. … We cannot give up on Nov. 2.”

    Speakers emerged in pairs, reminiscent of a televised awards show, with tag team delivery. Upstart activists and everyday American workers shared the podium with seasoned political figures. For example, firebrand preacher Al Sharpton, who turns 56 Sunday, traded comments with recent University of Massachusetts-Amherst graduate Lindsay McCluskey, who advocates for affordable college education.  Comedian Charlie Hill warmed up the crowd with topical zingers from a Native American’s perspective. “If you want to fix America,” he said, ask the Indians, because “we’ve got the owner’s manual. … The immigration problem started at Plymouth Rock and we’ve been fighting terrorism since 1492.”  He also gave a shout-out to Dick Gregory, the 1960s comedian turned civil rights activist, who was seated near the stage, saying Gregory, 77, paved the way for the likes of Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock.  Erin Geiger, 31, a teacher from Long Island, N.Y., said she has enjoyed most of the speakers, but “I could do without” the religious undertones many employed. She was also disappointed with the turnout.  “I hope the nation stays behind obama,” she adds.
    Mary Kay Henry, president of Service Employees International Union, said workers wanted to send a message to Congress.  “Corporations are preying on our fears and using this moment to expand their profit margins,” she said. “This is the first recession where corporate margins are growing while wages are going down. We’re saying, ‘No more.’ “
    Paula Klonfas, 57, from New Paltz, N.Y., said the best part of the rally was “seeing so many different union groups coming together and seeing that unionized America is still strong and still does have hope.”

“The first decade of the 20th century, we spent money on wars and on bailouts of the financial services sector,” Morial said in an interview. “The second decade should be about bailing out the American worker.”

    In my humble observation, the “One Nation Working Together” rally garnered the support it deserved; just one big, happy ‘union meeting.’   It seemed to be the dependency class rallying to continue, increase and add benefits to be  funded by the American taxpayer.  With several generations of continuing dependency upon the federal tit, they know no other way of support.                       

“….And we’re all here for the same common goals. We believe in equality and equal opportunity for all. We believe that everybody should have a chance to get ahead.”

    This partial quote says a mouthful:  Common goals, equality and equal opportunity.  It sounds so fluffy, so cheery….. well, so…. equal.  As I read, I’m thinking ‘Don’t these people realize that the America they grew up in is being taken in an undesirable direction that can only benefit the ruling class and their @$$-kissers?!?!’  While they whine about the corporations’ profits, they’re unwilling to acknowledge that those same profits provide the jobs that support them and their families.  Another failed realization is the union thugs at the top, i.e., Richard Trumka, Andy Stern, et al,  are the real profiteers of the members’ labor.  The union leadership live “high, wide and handsome” while the ‘worker bees’ may be a paycheck away from bankruptcy court!!
    I really don’t see that much ‘equality’ in the American economic system as it exists today.  The past two decades have more than proven that the liberal mind set that ‘a trophy for everyone’ and not reporting failing grades because they’re
‘detrimental to individual self-esteem’  is creating an entitlement class above and beyond the dependency class.  In the real world– THERE ARE VERY DAM’ FEW ‘EQUALS!’  Much to the liberals’ chagrin, “equal opportunitydoes not meanequal result; equal success.”  

And now….. A cuppla photos of the “ONWT” event:

Not Quite Within
The ‘Restoring Honor’ Decorum, is She?

Attentiveness At It’s Best!!

And now…. Some ‘WSR (We Surround Rochester [N.Y.]” observations:

[‘Nuff Said!]

Ed Schultz (the guy they make out to be the Lib Rush Limbaugh) just said ‘The Conservatives talk about the Constitution, but they don’t want to live by it’ Saying that conservatives want slavery. Hmmm. Umm… how do you even start to argue against something that weak?

I have been watching this rally and all I can say is:  “And they call us the party of hate?”
This thing is nothing more than a whine fest and a bash Glenn and Sarah party. I am watching because I want to hear what the other side says, but man this is really hard! I don’t know how much more of the whining and pathetic “joke” telling I can take.
If they think this is an antidote to the Restoring Honor rally, they have the wrong word. It is the antithesis of it. Our founding fathers would be embarrassed by this parade of cry-babies. Pathetic, just pathetic.

Looking at the long shots of the crowd, it looks like the crowd is less than 1/2 of the restoring honor crowd. Of course MSNBC and the rest of the state run media will say there were millions and millions there.

I think Glenn is right, we have won……. we just don’t believe it yet.

Yep, they announced in the middle from the podium that the event was officially ‘bigger than 8/28’…. ya, sure, we’re all blind. And I really thought it would be.

I guess since he literally said there were more people at 10/2 than ‘8/29’… he was right, very few of us were there on 8/29.
Totally right call saying it was the antithesis of 8/28. Well said.
I’ve heard it almost all now here at 4pm. It’s like a giant line of people with their hand out for $$ for their issue.
The other thing, as a person who thinks a lot about creating great events… this was just flat out a bad event.
I think what they had to do was give time to every group that supported the event. Instead of tightening it up to the best people, with the best message, they just meandered. It would have been better with more Al Sharpton, less of the other folks.
Stunning now at the end how the crowd has all left. There’s almost no one left beyond the start of the reflecting pool… the grass area is almost cleared. Maybe the union folks had a time limit on how long they could work the event 😉
To be frank I am THRILLED… I think if most of America sees *any* of this, they’ll totally not relate to this gang. Just such a depressing view of America. And so few people are Union now, how well does the 75% of union speakers play with most of America… I’m thinking, big yawn.
Geeze… now my 12 year old daughter is calling these people out on what they are saying that’s not true… Hee.
Oh, and the big group with the communist flags was nice.

OK, it’s 4:28 and I officially feel bad for them. The pseudo military funk band is on and the crowd has mostly dispersed.

I imagine most people who see the reports on the news will feel it was a big success, but anyone who was their has to feel it was a long, drug out, sad affair.
This honestly might be more of a turning point than 8.28 was. The point where the libs really saw what their coalition was in one spot…

I was only able to find coverage of this rally on CSPAN. Was it on another station? I was very surprised that there wasn’t wall to wall coverage on MSNBC. I flipped over there a few times and never saw any coverage of it. Of course, it is MSNBC. All of the “reporters” go home for the weekend and they show prison shows. I guess their union contract wouldn’t allow them to cover it on a weekend.

If it was only on CSPAN, chances are very few people even saw it.

 Til Nex’Time….