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 Craig Hasman-Update
[The article below, appeared in the D and C on September 11th AND I MISSED IT!!  So Sorry!  Looks like Craig will need financial help more than ever.  One can both help AND show support by pruchasing a “Tank Support” T-shirt @ !!]
     Monroe County grand jurors Friday indicted Craig S. Hasman, 50, on a felony of first-degree assault on allegations that he shot and seriously wounded Michael Lee in the chest Aug. 10 on Lake Avenue.
    Hasman was originally charged with second-degree assault.  If convicted of the new charge, Hasman would face a mandatory prison term of five to 25 years.  The original charge carried a prison term of up to seven years.

  1. Hasman, who lives on Lake Avenue, told Rochester police that he shot Lee, 30, with a .45-caliber derringer pistol after Lee punched him in the face during a confrontation on Lake Avenue near Lyell Avenue.
  2. Johndale Hartzog, the driver of the van, told police that Hasman instigated the incident and threatened to shoot him before the confrontation turned physical, according to court documents.
  3. Hasman said he and his girlfriend, Teresa Mancuso, were heading south on his motorcycle and were tailgated by a van in which Lee was a passenger. 
  4. According to court documents, Hasman claimed Lee cursed at him and spit at him out a window, got out of the stopped van and pushed Hasman and Mancuso off the motorcycle, then punched Hasman in the face.
  5. Hasman said he pulled out his gun — one of two he was carrying with him — and shot Lee to protect himself and Mancuso. Hasman had a pistol permit to carry both weapons.

Hasman is free on bail.   He is expected to be arraigned within two weeks in County or state Supreme Court.
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Delaware Primary Winner, Christine O’Donnell

All The Whiney-Asses!
Both the 0bamacRATs and the republicRATs as well as ALL the national pamphleteers are whinin,’ pissin’ and moanin’ about Christine O’Donnell’s candidacy AND primary win.  They each–in their own way–ran Miz O’Donnell into the ground at every turn, whether it was about her political experience, her brushes with the IRS or her student loan repayment schedule.  I note here that the pamphleteers were “no where in sight” when it came to the Charlie Rangel and the Maxine Waters investigations nor the Barney Frank financial and moral shenanigans!!  Here’s some published quotes which seem to promote and support the ruling class’ domination of the electoral system:

The Wall Street Journal:

“A two-time loser statewide, Ms. O’Donnell has a history of financial troubles and recently told the Weekly Standard her home and office were vandalized, though she hadn’t reported it to police. She recently accused a conservative local talk radio host that he had been “paid off” by Mr. Castle’s supporters after he asked her tough questions.”

The National Review, Online (Geraghty):

“With Christine O’Donnell, all we have are promises. We can’t evaluate her on her record in elected office because she has no record. O’Donnell seems determined to begin her political career by winning a U.S. Senate seat; she has never served in a local board of education, town or city council, state legislature, etc. Her next general-election victory will be her first.”

The National Review, Online (Goldberg):

“I don’t know that much about Delaware, but people I trust say that Castle may well be the best we can hope for there.” And: “Also, it’s worth pointing out that we want more liberal Republicans, we just want them to replace Democrats. If Northeast Republicans have to be more liberal than Southwest ones to win, that’s okay.”

The National Revieew, Online (Foster):

“Forty Jim DeMints or 60 Lindsey Grahams? Forty Christine O’Donnell’s or 60 Mike Castles?” and “So, again: would conservatives in Delaware rather win, or send a message?”

The National Review, Online (Stuttaford):
The reason Miz O’Donnell is a “two-time loser:”  she had the guts to take on up-hill Senate races in the first place!!

“As for the idea that reducing the GOP to a rump of true believers (whatever that might actually mean: there are plenty on the right who interpret the terms “limited government” and “free people” in very different ways) is the essential first step in a Republican restoration, it is, I am afraid, a bad mistake. Wildernesses are, almost always, for losers.”

“As for the idea that reducing the GOP to a rump of true believers (whatever that might actually mean: there are plenty on the right who interpret the terms “limited government” and “free people” in very different ways) is the essential first step in a Republican restoration, it is, I am afraid, a bad mistake. Wildernesses are, almost always, for losers.”

  • Where was Mike Castle when it was time to challenge Democrat incumbent Senator Tom Carper in 2006?
  • Where was Castle when it was time to challenge Biden in 2008 — when Biden was playing the Ruling Class game and had a ballot spot for both re-election to the Senate and on Obama’s ticket as vice president?

The answer is….. He wasn’t running!!
Why? Because the man who so much wants to be a United States Senator from Delaware didn’t want to mar his reputation with a loss — thus enabling some national pamphleteer to describe him as a “two-time statewide loser.”  Such things are important in Ruling Class circles, and the fact that O’Donnell paid no heed and took on Delaware’s political goliaths Carper and Biden anyway is a sign of “Country Class” guts.

**If I were a Delaware voter, the quotes would spur me on to both donate to her campaign and to vote for her in the general election.**

Til Nex’Time….