NYS ‘Revenue Enhancement!’
    Today Bob Lonsberry, host of the Midday Talk Show, 1180AM, WHAM; received a photo-copy of a traffic ticket.  Apparently, a motorist–stopped by a State Trooper–received the traffic ticket on September 9th; on the NYS Thruway in the Victor/Farmington area for displaying an unauthorized sticker(s).  Those stickers:  On the lower left side of the rear window of a 1999 Volvo Stationwagon was an oval sticker “Don’t Tread On Me;” on the lower right, an oval sticker “FUBO!!”
    So I looked it up in the NYS V and T book [Section ~375, Sub-section 1, (b), (i):

The use or placing of posters or stickers on windshields or rear windows of motor vehicles other than those authorized by the commissioner, is hereby prohibited. In a city of one million or more, there shall be a rebuttable presumption that the person whose name, telephone number, or other identifying information appears on any handbill or other form of advertisement attached to a windshield or windshield wipers of a motor vehicle shall be in violation of the provisions of this subdivision relating to the prohibition against attaching to windshields and windshield wipers, handbills and other forms of advertisements. 

 Both you and I have seen back windows plastered with stickers of every sort and stripe–the NASCAR car numbers; stickers representing every third-world rathole on the planet; Either Calvin or Hobbs pissing on practically every topic known to man; college alumni associations; HUGE car company names and logos and on, and on, and on, ad infinitum!!!  I’ve seen the refugees from Puerto Rico put a 4′ X 6′  ‘rican flag on the hood of their barrio bombers and drive around with it anchored only half-assedly; “flappin’ in the breeze.”  No tickets, there!! [We can’t upset the minorities, the downtrodden….the welfareRATs among us!]
   Seems strange that the two mainstays of the teaparty philosophy be singled out for persecution!!   
    Shortly after Mister Lonsberry’s broadcast wraps for the day, I leave to pick up the “young Miz Lovely” from her job at one of the local hospitals.  We….and by ‘we,’ I mean SHE…… bought a ’10 Honda Civic.  With the rear view mirror, I checked the surface of the rear window.  I’ve found that the rear seat headrests block more viewing area than one oval in each lower corner ever could!!  Can we now expect young Andy Cuomo, New York’s (Att’y) General, to file suit against Honda–and all other auto companies except 0bama Motors and Chrysler–to redesign their headrests so as to not block vision through the rear window.  Get the companies to develop a new design; then he can file suit claiming they’re unsafe due to their lack of height to support the head of a passenger!!
    This scenario well proves a quote from President Gerald Ford during his address to a joint session of Congress, August 12, 1974; to wit:

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”

The above images are those mentioned in the article.  They and many others, are available from http://www.fubowear.com/ .
Til Nex’Time….