‘Mister Liberal’ Ed Schultz

Did Glenn Beck Start A Trend?

    In direct competition with Glenn Beck, the liberal fascist Ed Schultz says “We’ll get 300,000 at our October Second march!”  Eddie steadfastly claims that his 10-2 march would have happened regardless of what Beck and Company did on 8/28.  I think Mr Schultz “missed his mark” in his choice of dates to commemorate:  Why not move his stumble…..er…..march to October 12th?!?!
    Now, there’s a date worth commemorating:  The tenth anniversary of the U.S.S. Cole bombing–another instance where commie-lib fascists did nothing in retaliation!!  This lack of retaliation precipitated the World Trade Center disaster.
I think the 93 viewers to his weekly MSNBC show; the 672 daily listener average to his radio blather could identify with those in charge on this significant date; both then and now.

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    I had intended to comment on “Clown Prince” 0bama’s Cleveland Blather Opportunity….
    To those of you who support his fascist views and agree with all his blather, no amount of commentary will matter; you’ll “drink any flavor of Kool-Aid” so long as  it comes from the princely canteen.
    To those of you with whom I align myself; you’ve heard it all before and nothing but a good clean election will change anything!!  By ‘clean election’ I mean the new black panthers get to stay home and not club anyone at the polls!!
Til Nex’Time….