A Patriotic Response To The “Clown Prince;” 09/11/2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010
Washington, DC

    Today, we pause to remember a day that tested our country. On September 11, 2001, nearly 3,000 lives were lost in the deadliest attack on American soil in our history. We will never forget the images of planes vanishing into buildings; of photos hung by the families of the missing. We will never forget the anger and sadness we felt. And while nine years have come and gone since that September morning, the passage of time will never diminish the pain and loss forever seared in the consciousness of our nation.  That is why, on this day, we pray with the families of those who died. We mourn with husbands and wives, children and parents, friends and loved ones. We think about the milestones that have passed over the course of nine years – births and christenings, weddings and graduations – all with an empty chair. 
[What I’m not telling you:   While the consensus of my personal religious leanings continue to ebb and flow;  it must be evident to both my followers and detracters that I stand ‘four-square’ in support of my muslim bretheren.  Anyone in doubt only has to recall this regime’s “World-wide Apology Tour-2009.”   I have consciously, continually ‘thrown-gasoline-on-the-fire’ where religious contentions are involved.  While the mosque at Ground Zero and the possible burning of one or more Korans are Constitutionally protected acts–they’re not the moral thing to do.  If this morality issue is so self evident–and the vast majority of Americans believe it is–why are my comments diametrically opposed to each other??  First and foremost, as I’ve indicated previously, I do and will stand with the muslims here and around the world when the question requires a choice between christianity and Islam.  The muslim hierarchy want a mosque built on historically significant property just two blocks from Ground Zero.  It shall be built!!  Muslims around the world pissed and moaned about the possible burning of Korans in Gainesville, Florida.  My regime aligned itself with the muslim hierarchy once again and came out against Pastor Terry Jones’ proposed actions.  The Korans shall NOT burn!!  The family and I have taken, do take and will take, many vacations in various parts of the world–ALL at taxpayer expense.  My point being:  While intensely destructive, the World Trade Center disaster  has become a historic event in most Americans’ minds.  This anniversary of that tragic event is so important to me I ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to even show up and conduct a blather and photo op onsite!!  I instead decided to go ‘just down the street’ to the Pentagon and blather there.  While it too, is a part of the entire 9/11 events, the Pentagon damage ‘can not hold a candle’ to that of the former Twin Towers, in importance!!  To get as many pamphleteers blathering about the regime, I sent “Michelle the Moocher” to Shanksville, Pa.  She agreed to go after I assured her that the Haagen Dazs ice cream wagon would be onsite and she had financial carte blanche!!  When I made the decision, I wasn’t aware that Laura Bush would be in attendance as well–hope “the Moocher” isn’t outshone by her!!]
    On this day, we also honor those who died so that others might live: the firefighters and first responders who climbed the stairs of two burning towers; the passengers who stormed a cockpit; and the men and women who have, in the years since, borne the uniform of this country and given their lives so that our children could grow up in a safer world. In acts of courage and decency, they defended a simple precept: I am my brother’s keeper; I am my sister’s keeper.  And on this day, we recall that at our darkest moment, we summoned a sense of unity and common purpose. We responded to the worst kind of depravity with the best of our humanity. 
[What I’m not telling you:   I had great difficulty agreeing with the ‘Handler Group,’ the teleprompter programmer and my speech writers!!  Just saying the words “…the worst kind of depravity…” came with great consternation!!  These 17 perveyors of depravity were able–with the aid of ‘everyday’ muslims–to walk among us, freely, even though most were illegals.   Had the Immigration and Naturalization Service been allowed to do their jobs to the fullest extent, there very well may have never been a ‘Twin Towers travesty!!’]
    So, each year at this time, we renew our resolve against those who perpetrated this barbaric act of terror and who continue to plot against us – for we will never waver in defense of this nation. We renew our commitment to our troops and all who serve to protect this country, and to their families. But we also renew the true spirit of that day. Not the human capacity for evil, but the human capacity for good. Not the desire to destroy, but the impulse to save.  That is why we mark September 11th as a National Day of Service and Remembrance. For if there is a lesson to be drawn on this anniversary, it is this: we are one nation – one people – bound not only by grief, but by a set of common ideals. And that by giving back to our communities, by serving people in need, we reaffirm our ideals – in defiance of those who would do us grave harm. We prove that the sense of responsibility that we felt for one another was not a fleeting passion – but a lasting virtue. 
[What I’m not telling you:    The Handler Group came up with the ruse called a ‘National Day of Service and Remembrance.’  This slogan is intentionally long on service and intentionally short on remembrance.  With a diminishing reference to remembrance, we are reducing American’s hatred and disgust  with the muslims that perpetrated this atrocity!!  One only has to watch the actual, real time, footage presented by many, many television channels on each anniversary, to grasp the hatred that radical, terrorist muslims feel for all non-believers–particularly American citizens.  As long as this regime is able to reduce ‘the remembrance,’ the hatred of radical, terrorist muslims primarily; all muslims secondarily.  Americans have slowly transfered their sense of responsibility away from the results of the Twin Towers travesty to the common, everyday concern of survival as the American economy continues down the road to collapse.   It is quite possible that this fascist regime will continue such that the near-future American economic landscape will practically mirror that of the Weimar Republic during the years after WWI.  This economic devistation was instrumental in bringing another important fascist leader–Adolf Hitler–into power.]
    This is a time of difficulty for our country. And it is often in such moments that some try to stoke bitterness – to divide us based on our differences, to blind us to what we have in common. But on this day, we are reminded that at our best, we do not give in to this temptation. We stand with one another. We fight alongside one another. We do not allow ourselves to be defined by fear, but by the hopes we have for our families, for our nation, and for a brighter future. So let us grieve for those we’ve lost, honor those who have sacrificed, and do our best to live up to the values we share – on this day, and every day that follows. 
[What I’m not telling you:  This ‘time of difficulty’ is by design!  I’ve relegated any national reporters, national publications, to mere pamphleteers;  they publish any rubbish I tell them, truth notwithstanding!! No matter the topic; most of the information they’re fed is pure ‘d’ bullshit!!  How can I continue to exude  positive blather and attitude when even I can see what’s needed and my policies haven’t, can’t and won’t work!!  All this ‘bailout’ bullshit–even though the regime has dropped that term–only grows the size of government, grows the amount of control over the common American and grows–beyond human comprehension–the deficit and above all; the national debt!!  The national debt has now surpassed a level that had the possibility of repayment.  From this point, forward:  Any future investor in federal financial instruments is a complete fool considering the lack of any real interest or dividend income; the lack of any possibility of return-of-principal.]

Amount required to buy bread-Weimar Republic-1920s