The official “Regime” Symbol

Was obamaMotors CEO Forced Out?   
Ed Whitacre’s resignation yesterday [08/12] leaves more questions than answers.  Mister Whitacre had referred to General Motors as “Government Motors” during an August 5th promotion of the Chevy ‘Volt.’  The obama/Soros regime doesn’t seem to get that actions have consequences–actual or perceived!

Ed Whitacre
    With GM on the verge of filing their ‘S-1’ with the SEC; a step in the procedure required to “go public” and issue new stock. The last thing a company with a pending IPO wants is the perception of instability in top management. 

   This is probably a stellar action by Mr Whitacre, who surely doesn’t want to be in charge of obamaMotors during the dismal lifecycle of the Chevy Volt.  With the economy in an obama/Soros inspired “Great Recession,” who will be able to…or…. even want to, buy a Volt??  This car is priced $11,000 above the competition with 30% of the miles-per-charge of that competitor!!  Even with the Taxpayer rebate of $7,500, this car will never be affordable!!!

The official “Regime” Symbol

“Clown Prince” obama Illustrates He’s A FAILURE!!
One need only look to the ‘bank failures’ record of this regime to see that the “Clown Prince” surrounds himself with economically inept fascist CLODS!! 

{MORE evidence that ‘education’ DOES NOT EQUAL ‘intelligence!!’}

    During the last year of the hated, vilified, ‘cowboy,’ administration of former President George “Dub’Ya” Bush [2008] there were twenty-five–count’em…25–bank failures!!
    Since the inception of the current regime, there have been 243 CONFIRMED bank failures; 133 during 2009 and 110 SO FAR in 2010!!  But, “it’s early, yet.”  The “Clown Prince” is on a pace to score a bank failure total of 191 through 12/31/’10!!
    Is he trying to outdo his fascist mentor–FDR–who had a Depression Era, five-year total of 9,812 (1929-1934) bank suspensions??  HOPEFULLY, he’ll never have the opportunity for a FIVE-YEAR total OF ANYTHING!!! 

In all fairness (obama-Fairness is a conservative term; I don’t expect you to understand or define it), the term ‘bank suspension’ means that a particular bank was closed for a period of time during a given year–NOT necessarily a complete failure.

Oh, By The Way……

    Rush Limbaugh recently got married in South Florida.  He now has a Facebook page where 20 wedding photos can be viewed.   While you’re there, register for a new I-Pad; he’s giving one away each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, through the month of August!! AND–unlike the democRAT National Committee–ya don’t have to donate five-bucks to register for JUST ONE!!
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