ANYTHING BUT-Presidential!
obama’s appearance was far more “Clown Princely” than presidential!  This isn’t his fault; his Handler Group managed to pretty much muzzle Elizabeth Hasselbeck–the show’s lone conservative–but they really tripped up in not providing a teleprompter with clear orders to not stray from “the printed word!!”  Part of the blame for his overall appearance can be laid at the feet of President Bush!!  “Dubya” shudd’a taken him aside after the election and told him, “Say Bubba:

  1. The office of the President is the highest in the land; the highest on the planet.
  2. The office of the President demands that those who occupy it, RESPECT IT.
  3. The campaign IS OVER!  Don’t turn every public appearance into another campaign stop.
  4. It’s not wise to ignore certain organizations–The Boy Scouts of America being the primary one.  It won’t be wise–on their 100th anniversary–to ignore their National Jamboree in favor of fundraisers and a blather appearance on daytime TV talkshows for yet another stump speech.” 

    ONE positive for the ‘princely’ appearance on The View: he kept his jacket and tie on through the whole blather opportunity.  While I ‘tivo-ed’ the obama appearance, I could only stomach less than half the show!!  I didn’t delete it, YET; I’m hoping to have a couple of ‘adult beverages’ and give it another try!!

Where’s Rangel’s “Clown Prince” Support? 
Charlie Rangel’s level of corruptness certainly deserves being defended by “Clow Prince” obama!!  Mister Rangel is cut from the same cloth as the New Black Panthers, albeit in an earlier era.  Mister Rangel just used a different arena for his thuggery; that of ethics and finance; not voter intimidation.  Hey, obama had no problem with the intimidation so why no defense for Charlie??
Doesn’t Charlie rate the support obama gave General Motors and Chrysler?
As a crooked obamacRAT politician [FAR outpacing “Crooked Chris” Dodd] will obama deem [Slaughter Solution] Rangel “to big to fail??”

Marching Orders Issued In Arizona  
Judge Susan Bolton–on orders from “Clown Prince” obama, General Holden and presumably George Soros–effectively gutted Arizona’s SB 1070, their law to insure federal immigration law is enforced.   A better explanation than I will put forth can be found at: night [Wednesday-07/28] CNN’s John King spoke with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpio, saying “The federal government cites statistics, says, ‘You know, there are more guys on the border than ever before, there’s less major crime along the border than ever before. This is an overreaction you people are having.'”

Sheriff Arpaio’s reply: Why don’t they just say, “Thank you, sheriff, let’s join forces? We cannot do this job alone. We need local law enforcement to work together.” The feds can’t do this job alone. They know it, the people know it, but why are they fighting us? Why don’t we join together? We go after bank robberies, federal, we go after guns, ATF, we do all these other federal laws, but why is it this one law, this other federal law, causes so much controversy from the White House all the way down to the streets of Phoenix? I don’t understand that.  I’ll tell you what the answer is. They want amnesty. Employers want to keep hiring cheap labor and politicians want to make sure they get the Hispanic vote. Doesn’t everybody know that?

“Clown Prince” obama promised us ‘change’…… SILLY US….. We naturally expected POSITIVE change!!!

The federal treatment of Arizona’s immigration law is just the same as the regime treats every other problem:
  1. If obama really wanted to fix the economy, he’d partner with business; both large and small.
  2. If obama really wanted to fix the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, he’d partner with BP and other oil companies, American and international.
  3. If obama really wanted to fix the border/immigration problem in the border states, he partner with those states.

     “Clown Prince” obama has NO DESIRE to fix any of the problems he’s encountered or those he’s created!!  One-world-government and wealth distribution are the only problems he has any desire to change!! 

Til Nex’Time….