“Clown Prince” obama Caught In Lie #41,868!
    It is a given that any positive, ‘good-for-the-country,’ legislation, negotiations, ANYTHING, goes against the grain of all obamacRATs.  How can the regime continue it’s destruction of the country with accomplishments that benefit the average citizen??

  1. Why did it take the “Clown Prince” TWELVE DAYS to acknowledge that something had even happened in the Gulf of Mexico?? 
  2.  Why was The Jones Act not suspended? 
  3. Why were all foreign ships and expertise initially refused?? 
  4. Why was a complete on-site news blackout imposed?? 
  5. Why were all attempts by the region’s governors to mitigate possible damage disapproved??

    Everything…… EVERYTHING, happens for a reason!!  The Gulf Oil Spill has turned into obama’s “Katrina” or, better yet: obamatrina.  When the oil spill was tended to by BP technicians despite the bumbling, meddlesome, regime toadies; the “Clown Prince’s” complete incompetence became blatantly obvious!!  The spill and subsequent initial clean-up efforts were going too smoothly for the regime to use it in the upcoming mid-term elections, so the regime had to come up with some other means to vilify BP and it’s top level management so the obama Handler Group started digging for ‘dirt’ on BP.
    What was uncovered and later leaked to the UK Guardian is a letter from the regime to Scottish ministers concerning the ‘Lockerbie Bomber,’ Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.  The regime supported releasing this murderer to return to his home in Libya, due to (allegedly!) terminal cancer.  Now we catch “Clown Prince” obama in his umpteen-thousandth lie:

The “Clown Prince” said he was left “surprised, disappointed and angry by the Libyan’s release.

    Alex Salmond, the Scottish first minister, has offered to send dozens of official documents on the Megrahi affair to the US Senate’s foreign relations committee after refusing to allow his justice minister, Kenny MacAskill, to appear at the committee’s interrogation on Lockerbie this Thursday.  Mr Salmond’s aides have told the committee that the obama regime refused to allow some material to be published – including the US embassy correspondence.

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