Just When I Thought The “Clown Prince”….
    Just when I thought “Clown Prince” obama couldn’t display any more incompetence, he’s now assigned blame for the firing of Ms Shirley Sherrod.  Ms Sherrod, a former US Dep’t of Agriculture employee was fired on 07/19/’10 for a speech made about an occurrence some twenty-four years ago.
   The speech in question was presented before a meeting of the NAACP.  The speech was taken completely out of context!!  The only portion used indicated that that Ms Sherrod was a racist, a completely natural summation, given the assembly she was speaking before.  The NAACP is unquestionalbly the most racist organization on the planet!!  The derogatory portion of the speech was roundly applauded by the assembled racists.  The entire speech indicates that Ms Sherrod had had an epiphany; seeing the error of her previous mindset.
    I’d “bet my ass” that obama ordered the firing!! But, as with his continual ‘liberties with the truth,’ we’ll never know the whole truth for sure.  obama has decided that YouTube is responsible for Ms Sherrod’s firing. 

    This will most assuredly work in obama’s favor as he seeks to limit access to and the uses of, the world wide web.

reid Displays ‘obam-Like’ Incompetence!
    harry reid tries to defend the unpopular bailouts of two of the Big Three American automakers by claiming that the US would have no auto industry at all without them. The continued existence of Ford, which refused to take government bailout money, would make that claim difficult for anyone other than a desperate obamacRAT:
    Ford Motor Company vehemently refused the obama Regime’s demand that they accept ‘bailout’ money.  The upper echelon at Ford saw the economic malaise on the horizon far sooner than the regime-elect did, and made appropriate financial provisions to survive it.  Sadly, Government Motors and Chrysler did not and were forced into federal receivership in late 2008.  The American Taxpayer currently owns upwards of 65% of each company.  Since the bailout, Ford’s common stock [F] has increased in value by more than 800%, while GM stock (actually: Motors Liquidation Company [MTLQQ]) has languished at a whopping $0.41 (up from the all-time low of $0.06!! {NOTE: Chrysler is allegedly ‘privately owned’-the Taxpayer still owns 65% of it.} 

In an excerpt of an ABC News interview broadcast Thursday, obama said Vilsack was too quick to seek Sherrod’s dismissal.

“He jumped the gun, partly because we now live in this media culture where something goes up on YouTube or a blog and everybody scrambles,” obama said.

The Senate’s top obamacRAT argued Ford Motor Co. probably would have collapsed if the government hadn’t bailed out its top two competitors.

Sen. harry reid, D-Nev., chided republicRATs for opposing obamacRAT efforts on a number of fronts and defended the obama administration’s auto bailout.
“Isn’t it a good thing today in America that we have an automobile manufacturing sector? If it had been up to them, General Motors would be gone. If it were up to them, Ford Motor Company would probably be gone.

Dam,’ harry–by my numbers–it sure looks like Ford would have failed had you not bailed out the other two!!  You dumb-ass!! That would be the same as saying the government has to bail out Coca-Cola to save Pepsi-Co!!
    The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Nevada shows challenger Sharon Angle earning 48% support, while reid, the state’s longtime obamacRAT senator, picks up 41% of the vote.  Hopefully, reid will have his “ass handed to him” in the November election!!