“Clown Prince” obama To Be ‘Handed His Ass’ Once Again!

[Governor Brewer is about to hand the “Clown Prince” his ass as she did earlier in the spring when this fiasco started.  Ya just gotta love a woman “with more balls” than ANY MEMBER in the House or the Senate!!]
 Sidebar #1: MSNBC recently conducted  a poll and then–very surprisingly–released the results!!  After 3,200,000 votes, 96% were in favor of the Arizona Immigration Law; ONLY 4% FAVORED THE DOJ LAWSUIT!!

The fund set up by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to help the state defend its right to implement a controversial new immigration law has received more than $500,000 in donations since it was created on June 17. According to the Associated Press (AP), more than 70 percent of the 9,057 contributions were submitted in the 48 hours following the Justice Department’s filing of a lawsuit challenging the Grand Canyon state’s new law, which it deems to be unconstitutional.

Donations have been received from residents of all 50 states as well as those living in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. After contacting a number of Americans who donated to the fund, the news source found that the majority of contributors did so because they believe the Federal government has no right to stand in the way of Arizona attempting to protect its southern border.

Sidebar #2:  Bob Lonsberry [ www.lonsberry.com ], as he is wont to do, supports the patriotic cause of restoring respect and adherence to the Constitution.  To that end, he and three friends came up with the idea of a tee-shirt to financially support Arizona’s Legal Defense Fund.  The particulars can be found at www.arizonashirtfund.comMister Lonsberry is also one of the ‘Founding Fathers’ of the FUBO phenomenon!!  [ www.fubowear.com ]

This Guy’s ‘Looking Through My Glasses’
[This guy–Ben Crystal–writes articles for the PERSONAL LIBERTY DIGEST, on the internet.  He seems to be ‘looking through my glasses;’ he thinks like I think; he writes like I write [actually, vice versa!!]!! Here’s an article he published at www.personalliberty.com.]
If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

July 13, 2010
by Ben Crystal
    The Clown Prince of Washington and his merry band of sideshow freaks didn’t take over the executive and legislative branches by acclaim alone. They had help.  Obama’s campaign was an exercise in duplicity (It’ll be a GOOD CHANGE—HONEST!), mendacity (I hardly know vicious racist Jeremiah Wright and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers) and obfuscation (why do you care what Change really means? Don’t you worry about ACORN.) The corporate media was a willing participant in the sham, and MSNBC led the parade.
    Normally, pointing out the talent and information black hole which is MSNBC’s primetime lineup is weather-forecast-for-the-Sahara rote. Outside the Asylum, we’re faced with a President and a “ruling” party who combine colossal ineptitude with an almost predatory regard for personal liberty. The promises of Hope and Change have produced Hope for Change—this fall and in 2012. But don’t you dare let the fake media inquisitors catch you questioning their messiah (Obama, not the actual Messiah).
    Putting aside the usual baseless charges of racism, hate-speech and fear-mongering from the vapid wingnuts who populate the Democrat National Committee (DNC) demographic, I thought I might give us all an opportunity to examine some recent offerings from the hypocrite huddle currently stomping the sandbox.  Last week, crackpot king of MSNBC Keith Olbermann used his nightly hate-filled rant “The Worst Person in the World’ to again excoriate Rush Limbaugh. Olbermann employed an audio montage to demonstrate Limbaugh’s racist tendencies. No doubt, thousands (well…it IS MSNBC… dozens…OK—a couple) of liberal drones came away from Olbermann’s latest raging screed reassured that of course, Limbaugh is pure evil.
    Both the hysterical host and MSNBC’s staff neglected to mention the audio clip was heavily doctored. In fact, one of the comments Olbermann attributed to Limbaugh was itself a quote of shrieking liberal harpy Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Tucker, an infamously furious leftist, had claimed GOP Chairman Michael Steele “never would have been voted in as chairman of the Republican Party were he not black.”  Just imagine Tucker’s response if someone suggested she’d be fact-checking obits from the Mayberry Mudslinger if she was more putty-complected. For that matter, imagine where Olbermann would be if he had actual talent. He might still be sitting next to Dan Patrick at ESPN—which fired Limbaugh for comments about Donovan McNabb which were far less offensive (although I disagreed with him—McNabb was awesome) than the crap spewed by Tucker, who remains un-fired by the AJC as of this morning.
    Most folk with IQs higher than houseflies are already aware that Olbermann is a hack who likely despises Limbaugh, Beck et al because they have something he’ll never sniff: ratings. (Not to mention talent.) Likewise, most of us with crania above shot-glass capacity are aware that Olbermann may be the current high priest of histrionic hypocrisy, but he’s not the only media mouth-breather in the mash. War profiteer and multi-millionaire Michael Moore appeared on Radio Pacifica last weekend to express his feelings that Americans will be excluded from Heaven because their taxes fund the War on Terror. Moore vomited up spiritual drivel for the far-left radio network:
    The corpulent fake-umentarian neglected to mention what eternity held in store for the actual terrorists; he also left out the fact that Radio Pacifica is partially funded by the same taxes he believes have consigned the rest of us to the Lake of Fire, or at least “Sicko” on infinite loop.

“Did you pay your taxes? …well, then you helped fund this, didn’t you…OK, well, you know, turn around. You’re not coming in the Gates.”

    These are but recent exemplars of the endless march of mendacity which dominates the MSM. Here’s my problem: the right isn’t stepping up to the plate. The left is far guiltier of the charges they level with such glee; but more often than not the right simply offers denials and explanations. They should be setting the terms of the debate, not living by them.  I am not suggesting imitating the wingnut media’s “I know you are, but what am I?” tactics; nor do I believe matching their dishonesty lie-for-lie. But maybe—just maybe—It’s time to point at some of these blathering buffoons and… call a spade a spade.

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