Ya Jis’ Gotta See These!!

Just for the fun of it, I went to the FUBO Store [ http://www.fubowear.com/ ] to see what’s new with them.  They’ve got new products…..’n’…ya can’t even wear them!

I can only guess that we have LONSBERRY to thank for these cleaver products and their slogans!!

“Clown Prince” More Condescending Than Usual
“Clown Prince” obama is acting very ‘clownly’ but not very ‘princely!!’   Just when you thought “His Royal Doltness” couldn’t get more condescending, he made this statement:
The real benefit to “Clown Prince” obama’s visits to the Louisiana coast are his blather and photo ops–which are detrimental to the cleanup efforts.  Because he’s the country’s chief potentate, everything has to stop so his ‘paid admirers’ and invited union thugs can fall at his feet and swallow all the bullshit he feeds them!!

“I talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers – so I know whose ass to kick”

    “I was down there a month ago before most of these talking heads were even paying attention to the Gulf,” Obama told NBC’s Matt Lauer. “I was meeting with fishermen in the rain talking about what a potential crisis this could be.”   Some have criticized the president for not engaging passionately enough on the spill, even though he’s been to the Gulf coast three times since the disaster, his most recent visit on Friday.
    Obama said he has talked to a variety of “experts” on the oil spill in addition to the fishermen.  “I talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers – so I know whose ass to kick,” the president said.

More ‘True’ Citizens Object To Illegals

A new CNN Poll shows that support for securing our borders against illegal immigration is on the rise. The poll, which questioned American adults rather than registered or likely voters, revealed the following changes:

The poll also found that 82% oppose boycotts against Arizona while 57% of Americans approve of Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. This poll only reinforces numerous others which all show that an overwhelming majority of American citizens want our immigration laws enforced over granting incentives to illegal aliens.
**I found a related article dealing with the consequences of ‘blanket amnesty’ for illegals primarily from Mexico [ http://legalimmigrationfacts.com ]:

•Those who want the number of illegal immigrants decreased went up three points in seven months to 76%
•Increasing federal agents at the border now supported by 88%, up from 74%
•Support for stiff employer fines rose from 58% in 2006 to 71%

Immigration Amnesty

 by Legal Immigration
Til Nex’Time….

A poll gathered by legalimmigrationfacts.com shows that 65% of Americans believe that granting amnesty can otherwise encourage the influx of illegal immigrants in the country. The data further suggests that most Americans would rather not have the citizenship of illegal aliens legalized.

Historically speaking, amnesty on illegal aliens started back in 1986 when Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) was enacted for the purpose of reducing the rate of illegal immigration in the country. What was done during that time was grant amnesty to all illegal aliens who have resided in the country since January 1, 1982. Those who were granted amnesty that time went up to approximately 2.7 million illegal aliens. After the amnesty, we currently receive an average of 850,000 illegal immigrants per year. This figure is merely based on what has been accounted for.

Legalimmigrationfacts.com does not only found the growing number of illegal immigrants as the mere flaw of IRCA. Right now, about one-tenth of legal immigrants the country accepts are relatives of foreign born U.S. citizens who used to be illegal aliens. Granting amnesty to each of the 850,000 illegal immigrants the country receive per year will, at the very least, double the number of legal immigrants in the country considering that the current law that emphasizes family reunification should apply.

All this data gathered by legalimmigrationfacts.com only goes to show that there is a need to amend the country’s immigration laws to prevent illegal and unnecessary immigration to the country. U.S. population nowadays is growing substantially while the government’s capacity for social expenditure is threatened to be reduced. Immigration reform is one way to alleviate the root cause of this crisis.