“Clown Prince” obama Continues To ‘Screw!’
    NOW I GET IT….!!!  I finally get it–when Rush Limbaugh says: “obama is the most inept, most inexperienced, most incompetent individual in any room he enters!!”  Since this incompetent boob fixed the economy, fixed the investment community; we’ve been ‘takin’ a bath’ in the stock market!!  I’m considering selling out both the “Young Miss Lovely’s” and my individual Scottrade investment accounts.
    We were making substantial gains in the market until Q4–2008.  We even held our own through the “Clown Prince’s” early, inept tweaking of the economy and financial markets.  Since Q3–2009, we’ve been unable to stem the losses. 

While the saying is true; “It ain’t a profit or a loss ’til ya sell,” and it applies to any investment: the stock market, real estate markets, precious metals.  While gold is prices way out of our range, precious metals have been in the back of my mind for years, since the ’80s, when silver sold for $4.50 per ounce.  

    In Q1–2010, I made the decision to start accumulating silver bullion at the expense of depositing to the “Young Miss Lovely’s” Roth IRA.  The spot price in the beginning was in the low 18 dollars.  Until “Clown Prince” obama’s immaculation, I had been an optimist where the economy and my finances were concerned.  He “dam’ shore” broke me of that!!
    One only has to look to those who surround the “Clown Prince” to know that there’s a fascist–socialist–communist plot [if not a ‘conspiracy’] afoot to take the U.S. economy and it’s financial sector to a net worth of “zero-point-shit!!”  The Greek deficit is 125% of GDP; Japan’s deficit is 200% of GDP.  At current borrowing/spending rates; in five years or less, the U.S. deficit will be at or near 100% of GDP.  If Greece is being ‘bailed out’ at the 125% point, how many years [or even MONTHS!!] after we reach the 100% point, will we be at the mercy of those third-world ratholes, “Clown Prince” obama has pissed off along his way to a one-world government??
    With our impending stock sell-off, “Miss Lovely” will take away a 54% gain; I will take away a 151% gain.  If we were to maintain our current positions in the market, it’s conceivable that we could “ride ’em all the way to the bottom!!”  At the bottom point, every share of those stocks would be at or near “the obama approved” value of zero-point-shit!!  [We each have positions in Bershire-Hathaway {BRK-B} that we intend to keep]

    In my obama regime era pessimism, I see America going the way of the Weimar Republic
[pre-  The engraving reads:

WWII Germany].  Between 1918 and 1923, hyperinflation became s-o-o-o-o bad that one gold Reich Mark went from 1-to-1 [gold mark to paper mark], to 1-to-1TRILLION paper marks!!!  Somewhere in this post [blogspot isn’t real good at keeping photos and charts where the author wants them], there will be a graph that illustrates the aforementioned; a commerative medallion to illustrate prices in 1923.  

  • On 1st November 1923
  • 1 pound of bread cost 3 billion,
  • 1 pound of meat: 36 billion,
  • 1 glass of beer: 4 billion.

Get Ready, America!!!  Unless someone intervenes we’ll see this in the good ol’ U.S. of A.!!!

Speaking Of Precious Metals….
    Nearly everyone knows Glenn Beck; if not through his radio program, then through his FOXNews TV program or the several personal appearances he does throughout the year.
    Mister Beck has been telling a well-researched truth about the economy, politics and society in general; although he could have been a bit more stringent where President Bush and his cabinet are/were concerned. 
    “Clown Prince” obama and his minions seem to be having fits over this truth-telling, to the point of advocating boycotts of his programs and advertisers.

  • First, Van Jones and his front group boycotted Mister Beck after Beck was instrumental in Jones leaving his advisory position with the regime.
  • Then, the regime’s NUMBER ONE union–SEIU, boycotted Glenn when he brought to light the tens of millions of dollars donated to the “Campaign of Fluff” as well as the union’s purple-shirt THUGS voter intimidation in Philadelphia, among others.
  • Next came the “Clown Prince’s” spiritual advisor Jim Wallis’ boycott when Glenn revealed that wallis espouses a far-more-radical socialist, fascist adgenda than Reverend Wright [whom obama “through under the bus” when his views came to light!] ever did.

All of the boycotts combined to give Fox News its best year ever in 2009 and the first quarter of 2010 was its best quarter ever both ratings-wise and financially.

Now comes the “Beck-Goldline Boycott” of 2010!  This guy–a Congressman Weenie…..er……Weiner; a democRAT of course; from New York, of course; who is attempting to silence Beck by considering charging one of his advertisers of wrong-doing!!
[From http://www.noisyroom.net/ ]:
So Glenn–on his Tuesday radio show–interviewed Goldline’s CEO and President Mark Albarian to illustrate how inaccurate and~~quite frankly~~stupid, the Weiner’s accusations are:

In a blatant attack to silence Glenn Beck, New York Congressman, Weiner (D-NY) is attacking Goldline, a sponsor of the Glenn Beck Show on Fox and on the radio. Weiner claims that Beck and Goldline are profiting from people’s fears and driving up the price of gold. This is a ridiculous and stupid claim since Beck does not have the funds or clout or will to subvert the gold market. And Goldline does not physically affect the worldwide gold market with their buying and selling. They also fully disclose how much of a profit they make off of buying and selling gold which is entirely on the up and up.

  •  GLENN: I want to start with a, I guess there is a press conference at noon today in Washington with Congressman Weiner. Congressman Weiner who, is it his executive assistant or chief of staff or whoever that used to work for Media Matters? What was — we’ll look into it, Tony. But he has launched an investigation now in the most McCarthy sort of way. He is using the power of congress to come after me and a sponsor on my program, Goldline. Mark Albarian is on the phone now. Mark is — go ahead and pick him up, please. Mark is the president of Goldline. Goldline is a sponsor, but I am also a — am I a rather large customer of yours, Mark, or are there —
  • ALBARIAN: You are a rather large client but there are actually larger.
  • GLENN: I’m sure there are. You are saying there are crazier people than me?
  • ALBARIAN: Well, maybe not crazier but there are people that —
  • GLENN: More committed to their philosophy?
  • ALBARIAN: That’s fair.
  • GLENN: Yes. Mark, let me just go over a couple of things in our relationship. How long have you been a sponsor in this program?
  • ALBARIAN: I believe it’s been about three years.
  • GLENN: Do you remember a time when we had a conversation at the beginning where I said if you don’t treat our customers — if you don’t treat my customers, my listeners with respect, it isn’t going to end well for you?
  • ALBARIAN: Yes.
  • GLENN: Yes. Do you believe me when I said that to you?
  • ALBARIAN: Yes.
  • GLENN: Okay.
  • ALBARIAN: I take you very seriously.
  • GLENN: We’ve had a great relationship, but I have also been a customer of yours and purchased gold. Now let me reverse the roles. Do you remember telling me when I told you what I wanted to buy that I’m buying the most expensive, the hardest to get and I’m paying a real premium for it. Do you remember saying that?
  • ALBARIAN: I do. You purchased a coin where the round trip costs of buying and selling it are about 36%. So about 18% to buy and about 18% to sell. That’s the category that you’re in.
  • GLENN: And the category — and that is the most expensive way to buy it?
  • ALBARIAN: That’s the most expensive product we have.
  • GLENN: Okay.
  • ALBARIAN: 36% round trip, both in and out.
  • GLENN: Okay. And let me ask the listeners. Do you remember me saying on the air that the way I buy gold coins, the way I buy gold is expensive and some people would say it’s nuts. Listeners, you’ll have to decide for yourself if you remember me saying that.
  • ALBARIAN: Well, Glenn, I frankly don’t think they’re nuts. You are buying coins with certain features and benefits. Some of the coins are, as you refer to them, as antique coins. Other coins are small, small in size. Other coins are private meaning that when you sell them back, you won’t have to give your home address and your name and Social Security number. There are certain features and benefits to these coins that you are paying these higher premiums for and people make that choice. You could have purchased a one ounce Krugerrand, for example, and the round trip cost would have been, you know, less than 5% in and 5% out. So about 10% round trip. And many, many people who listen to you make that choice. So it’s really up to them and it’s really up to you.

[JustinCase:]  Quite frankly, the government–rather than going after those who sensibly voice well researched and truthful opposition to “Clown Prince” obama’s fascist, one-world principles and policies–would fare better looking to those with the wherewithal to actually sway the gold market and/or benefit in the market’s gyrations:  Al Gore, George Soros, Maurice Strong and Joel Rogers.
[Again, JustinCase:]  If Congressman Weiner’s true objective is ferreting out the abuse of playing on the public fear, why has he not initiated House hearings on the [former] “Chicago Climate Exchange?”  The same four previously mentioned individuals stand to profit in the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in the buying and selling of carbon credits!!

Til Nex’Time….