Election Time Nearing; Slaughter Remembers: She Has Constituents!
    “Geeze-Louise” McIntosh Rodham Slaughter, in her bi-annual recall of possible constituents, recently called for a blather/photo op in Washington.  To get her name and photo ‘above the fold’ in the local rags, Slaughter called for a settlement of an ages-old pissin’ contest between state, federal and CSX management.  The confligration stems from an agreement between CSX and the state government:
This agreed-upon restriction, if not voided, will not allow enough width to have a ‘high-speed’ rail to run along side the regular freight/passenger tracks in some areas.  “Geeze-Louise” is pushing for a high-speed rail connection between Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and New York City.  She’s having great difficulty getting her name hung on a project to ensure her recognition in perpetuity!!

The state agreed to a CSX restriction on the width of rights-of-way along their tracks in Central and Western New York State.

‘Invisible’ Senator:  That’s NO Favor!!
[Photo: Suckin’ up to “Chuckie-Cheese”]
   Kirsten “The Invisible Senator” Gillibrand, Hillary ‘Rob’em’ Clinton’s replacement as “yes-man” for “Chuckie-Cheese” Schumer, continues her struggle.  She’s trying to get out from under Schumer’s ‘thumb,’ a feeble attempt to create a name for herself!!
   A she’s managing to do is to confirm her fascism, ‘with communist leanings!’  She was an early supporter of Van Jones–the self-admitted communist–in his fight to stay as the primary communist advisor to the “Clown Prince” obama administration.  She is one of just four legislators who voted against removing ACORN’s federal funding!!
   Now, as a desperate attempt to create her own self-identity, she’s talked “Clown Prince” obama to visit western New York.  Apparently, there’ll be a blather/photo op in Buffalo on Thursday, May 13th.  This’ll bring the state’s socialists ‘out of the woodwork!!’  In the “Clown Prince’s” case, this appearance will just be another tired rehash of previous blather opportunities during his “White House to the Out House” tour; or whatever he’s calling it this week.
Til Nex’Time….