Colonel Allen West-Just What America Needs!
   I have alot on my plate, so–at times–my magazine reading suffers.  I finally got to the May Third issue of National Review.  I didn’t remember Colonel West by name in the news, but I certainly did by deed!  It was this deed that prematurely ended a distinguished twenty-two year Army career.
   The Deed:  While serving as an Army Commander in Taji, Iraq in the Summer of 2003, Colonel West was instrumental in gleening critical information from a crooked Iraqi police officer.  West allegedly fired his handgun near the crook’s head, threatened his life, and allowed his troops to physically assualt the turn-coat.
   The Result:  In November, 2003, Col West was brought up before an ‘Article 32’ hearing [similar to a Grand Jury] where he admitted his transgressions; violations of the ‘general article’ [a catch-all; when they don’t have much else!] and the assualt article of the UCMJ [Uniform Code of Military Justice; the military equal to the laws that govern you and I].  During the hearing, Col West was asked if he’d do it [fire the handgun] again; his reply:

“If it’s about the lives of my men and their safety, I’d go through Hell with a gasoline can!”

Col West admitted violations of misconduct and assault, fined $5,000 and allowed to retire in mid-2004, with full benefits.

   The Aftermath:   There were no further ambushes on U.S. forces in Taji until Colonel West was relieved of his leadership post on October 4.   After his resignation was brought to public attention the next fall:

  • He received over two thousand letters and e-mails from the American public offering him moral support.
  • A letter was drafted to the Secretary of the Army, its signatories being ninety-five members of Congress in West’s support.

The Awards:  Colonel West has earned the Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal (three times), Army Commendation Medal (three times, once with valor), Army Achievement Medal (twice), Valorous Unit Award, Air Assault Badge and the Parachutist Badge and alot of pretty ones that everyone gets, but only mean “I was there.”  [As both an Air Force and Army veteran, I can attest that the important ones are really important; the two ‘badges’ are ultra-difficult to achieve!!]

   And now…….:  Mister West is currently campaigning in Florida’s 22nd Cong. District for the seat occupied by democRAT Ron Klein.  West–endorsed by fmr Alaska Governor Sarah Palin–has far less name recognition than Mr Klein, but is in a statistical dead-heat based on an internally commissioned survey conducted by Wilson Research Strategies.  The survey concludes:   

    “Ron Klein is in deep trouble as he runs for reelection to a third term in Congress.  His personal image is very weak with district voters, his ‘hard-reelect’ is low, and his volte for the health care legislation is likely to weigh him down as he tries to convince voters to send him back to Congress for another term.

    Allen West continues to build support for his campaign, and leads the incumbent on a ballot test despite being far less well-known in the district.  If he continues to campaign hard,  Allen West is well positioned to knock off the incumbent and be elected to Congress this fall.”

Colonel West appears–from all I’ve read–to be just what America needs at this critical juncture in it’s history!!  He’s demonstrated both the intestinal and testicular fortitudes to stand by his convictions and back up his decisions and actions with complete honesty–qualities completely lacking inside the beltway!!

“Clown Prince” obama–Late To ‘The Dance’

The incompetence is overwhelming!!  “Clown Prince” obama would never have been elected, based on examples of his managerial and leadership expertise.
Here’s a timeline from the fascists’ own and the Washington Post:

  • April 20 (10 p.m.): Oil rig explosion
  • April 21: Deputy Secretary of Interior, Coast Guard dispatched to region
  • April 21: Search and rescue efforts begin for 11 missing
  • April 21: BP confirms U.S. Coast Guard was “leading the emergency response”
  • April 21: “Clown Prince” obama blathers to anyone who’ll listen, including Sec’y Gates; Sec’y “Turbo-Tax Tim” Geithner; Sec’y Sebelius; U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams; G-20 labor ministers; senior advisors.
  • April 22: “Clown Prince” obama flies to NYC to deliver his blather on ‘Wall St Reform;’ returns to White House; blathers at “Turbo-Tax Tim;” blathers at space-shuttle crew; blathers at an Earth Day reception.
  • April 23: “Clown Prince” obama blathers at a naturalization ceremony for active military members; “Clown Prince” and “the Chin” arrive in Asheville, N.C. 
  • April 23: Coast Guard “focused on mitigating the impact of the product currently in the water.”
  • April 24:  “Clown Prince” obama and “the Chin” spend the day cavorting about Asheville.
  • April 25: Response team implements plan to contain oil spilling from source, weather delays cleanup.
  • April 25: Oil recovery and cleanup were to resume after adverse weather passed.
  • April 25: “Clown Prince” obama and Joe “the Mental Midget” Biden meet with families of deceased miners in Beckley, WV.; obama delivers the eulogy at a memorial service.
  • April 26: Response crews “to resume skimming operations.”
  • April 26: “Clown Prince” obama blathers with, to, at: advisors; NY Yankees; Sec’y Gates; presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship.
  • April 27:Clown Prince” obama blathers at members of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform;  tours Siemens manufacturing plant in Quincy, Il; blathers on how to how to grow the economy and put Americans back to work; conducts a photo op at a local business; conducts a ‘townhall-style’ photo op.
  • April 28: Federal officials realize spill was far more severe than BP led them to believe.
  • April 28: [STILL in Quincy, Il] “Clown Prince” obama tours POET Biorefining; blathers on rebuilding the economy; tours local farm; blathers at the family who operate it; blathers about need to pass Wall St. reform.
  • April 29: Napolitano declares spill “of national significance”; BP insists its “plan can handle this spill.”
  • April 29: “Clown Prince” obama, “The Chin” and Joe “The Mental Midget” Biden attend the Dorothy Height funeral and photo op; “Clown Prince” obama blathers at the “2010 National Teacher of the Year” photo op; “Clown Prince” and “The Mental Midget” blather at Sec’y Clinton; “Clown Prince” obama blathers at a DNC fundraising dinner.
  • April 30: “Clown Prince” obama blathers on about the Q1-2010 GDP numbers; tours James J. Rowley Training Center, Beltsville, Md.
  • May 1: “Clown Prince” obama blathers on at the University of Michigan commencement; “Clown Prince” obama and “The Chin” attend the White House Correspondents Association dinner, blather and photo op.
  • May 02: “Clown Prince” obama blathers at Greek Prime Minister by phone; “Clown Prince” obama FINALLY works the gulf disaster into his ‘busy schedule.’  The incompetent boob visits the site as recorded in this headline:  

“obama Speaks While Oil Laps At Gulf Shores” 

 Is this from the New York Times?  NO; from the Washington Post?  NO;  from the Chicago Sun-Times?  NO; they’re having all they can do to report on the disaster without mentioning “Clown Prince” obama by name;  they use ‘the administration’ or name some administration underling.  That headline was from The French News Service!!
Til Nex’Time….