It Was “Cool”…..
   We settled on American Precious Metals Exchange [APMEX] as our source for purchasing investment grade silver.
The first order arrived yesterday; ironically-Tax Day, 2010!!
   It was so neat to just hold the one ounce bars of silver; a commodity whose value will survive “Clown Prince” obama’s impending complete destruction of the American economy!!

Tax Day Tea Party Protest Rally
   Rochester, New York, is no different than any other city in America-of ANY size!!  Our local media revels in discovering dissention, even if they have to manufacture it themselves.  They relish reporting any gathering of two or more “patriots” as a protest-even those that strive to be peaceful and non-violent.
During Rochester’s Tax Day Tea Party, the media’s only complaint was that there were only three hyphenated Americans [negros] participating!!
   The participation this year wasn’t what was hoped; about 800-1,000 congregated at Genesee Crossroads Park in downtown at noon yesterday to hear local speakers with topics near-and-dear to the partriotic heart:  government intrusion; government growth; infinite taxation; huge dificit spending, incombent malfeasance, etc.
   Here’s some photos of the event:

Til Nex’Time….