Sources Of Investing Knowledge:
   Knowledge delivery systems have reached light speed!!  Just a few short years ago, to get “up to speed” on your investments or investment research you’d spend hours reading magazines and/or hours in the public library reading Moody’s.  Moody’s was long considered the “bible” of investors’ information.  Now: not so much!  Near the beginning of the current recession, Moody’s was accused of “fudging” credit ratings to promote and increase housing sales.  Previously, they’ve been accused of blackmailing companies by pay-to-play antics:  Good credit ratings for company subscriptions to their services.   They publish long-term obligation ratings, short-term taxable ratings, short-term tax-exempt ratings and individual bank ratings.
   Now we must ‘thank the Heavens’ that Al Gore “invented the internet[Yea, right!!]!!”  With Algore’s contribution [Yea, right!!] we get instantaneous delivery of both wanted and unwanted information.  The public can get daily email updates on practically any topic one can think of!!  Here’s some of the “dailies” that I receive:

Seeking Alpha [ ]:  This site offers three separate daily updates-

  • ‘Wall Street Breakfast: Must Know News’
  • ‘Investing Ideas [for the current day]’
  • ‘Stocks and Sectors [for the current day]’
  • Periodically: research results on specific topics.

24/7 Wall Street [ ]:  This site reports on large-cap companies, social issues of the day, market rumors.  The site is updated throughout the business day.

Investor Insights [ ]:  This site reports on all things-financial-precious metals; small, mid, large-cap companies; dividends; municipal bonds; currency plays; market forecasts.

Forbes Magazine Online [ ]:  This site has several daily updates to subscribe to-their many “annual lists;” investment issues; social issues of the day-with respect to the financial/investment markets. [ ]  This site offers morning, mid-day and afternoon ‘Alerts,’ primarily dealing with “penny” stocks.  In addition to the alerts, stockegg also offers perspectives on individual stocks.  [Personally, I originally found Sirius Satellite Radio [SIRI] in one of StockEgg’s daily ‘alerts.’  I’ve been invested in SIRI on three occasions: the first two were highly profitable; the third is an ongoing investment.]

These should be enough to get started.  From time-to-time, this list might be expanded.

Run Forrest ….er…Fred, RUN!!
   Today [Tuesday, 04/13] Bob Lonsberry’s guest on the WHAM Mid-Day Talk Show was Fred Smerlas, retired Buffalo Bills nose tackle.  This guest appearance was a bit of a rarity for the mid-day timeframe.  Mr Smerlas is usually on Bob Matthews’ Speaking of Sports on WHAM, Wednesday evenings during the second hour [7-8PM].

   I didn’t hear very much of the Lonsberry/Smerlas talk, but the gist I got was that Fred is SERIOUSLY considering returning to western New York to run against that advanced dementia victim: Geeze-Louise McIntosh Rodham Slaughter.
   If ANYONE has a contact point for Fred, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!  I’d like to send a message of support and to volunteer as a campaign worker!!
   All I can do is repeat the headline:  Run Fred, RUN!!
Til Nex’Time….