obama “Fudge” Everywhere!!
[This article from The New York Times]
   A committee of economists, charged with determining the official turning points in the nation’s business cycles, certifies the beginnings and ends of recessions. But this time, the committee members say, the evidence is not so easy to decipher.  The committee plans to announce on Monday that it cannot yet declare an end to the recession that began in December 2007, several members indicated on Sunday. Such an acknowledgment is rare in the history of setting dates to business cycles and could affect the behavior of investors and consumers.
   Despite a recent uptick in employment and income, the decision of the committee at a meeting on Friday reflects a lingering worry that the economy could turn downward again in a so-called double-dip recession.
   Several economists on the committee, which has seven active members, said they considered such a turn to be unlikely. But, they said, the duration and severity of the contraction have made it hard to determine with authority that a recovery has begun.
   The gross domestic product, the broadest measure of economic activity, officially began rising in the second half of 2009, suggesting that a recovery might have quietly started. But the committee takes other factors into consideration, like employment trends and consumer confidence.
[There are three blatant lies in this ‘Times article!!  I’ve highlighted them in blue so you can’t miss them.  The mouthpieces for that lyin’ “Clown Prince” are coating everything in “fudge {fudging the ‘facts’}” for the edification of an unsuspecting public.  That really doesn’t work anymore tho’…..  the Tea Party movement brings most of obama’s lies to light as they occur.

  • obamaLie Number One:    “…the recession that began in 2007…..”
  • A month-over-month rise in the national unemployment rate is the one of the first indicators of a recession on the horizon.  The historical national average unemployment is 5.4 percent.  During the entire year of 2007 the unemployment rate wandered between 4.4 and 4.7%.  Only in December, 2007, did the rate reach 5.0%.  For 2008 the unemployment rate reached 5.5% in June; by the time the “Clown Prince” was elected {November} it was up to 6.9%.  Just two months later {January, 2009} when Fluffy was sworn in, the rate was 7.7%!!  From January to October, 2009, unemployment continued to climb, reaching the high of 10.1%.  So it’s safe to say that the current recession began in the May-June-July, 2008 timeframe.  If obama continues to lie about the economy, refuses to admit that he’s the problem-not the solution; how can the public believe he can/will turn it around?!?!
  • obamaLie Number Two:  “Despite a recent uptick in employment….”
  • Stastically, there has been no new hiring.  On a national level, even the federal hiring of 16,000 new IRS investigators combined with the 161,000 temporary census workers aren’t enough to cause a “blip on the screen.”   Again proving the “Slick-Willie” Clinton axiom:  A lie told often enough; loud enough, evolves into a truism.
  • obamaLie Number Three:  “The gross domestic product…..officially began rising in the second half of 2009…..”
  • For the gross domestic product figures to be a telling statistic; the majority of the numbers must reflect activity in the private sector; which these don’t!!  What was actually happening in the second half of that year??  TARP funds were being released in greater amounts;  the Porkulus funds were being dedicated to “shovel-ready” projects that–to this day–have not been started;  the federal buy-out of General Motors; the federal buy-out of Chrysler Corp; the buy-out of banks “by the hundreds;” the buy-out of the insurance firm: AIG.  Any upticks in the GDP numbers were the direct result of federal spending of funds it had borrowed.  The private sector was practically non-existent as far as the GDP was concerned.

[As my parents used to say:  “I’d rather deal with a thief than a liar; I know when the thief is stealing!!!”]

obamaCare “Death Panels” Alive-And-Well!!
Ain’t it funny…… no one in the fascist media picked up on this story!!!
   There’s a young gal–Diana Smith–in the Fort Lauderdale, Fl., area that has cancer.  After six months of chemo and radiation it’s in remission; a prerequisite for a transplant.  The transplant was to take place next week.
   Now enter an unsolicited call from the Social Security Administration telling her that her young son is eligible for Social Security Disability… does she want it??  Of course she says yes!  She received the first disability check in March. 
   In April, Medicaid cancelled her universal health care policy.  The disability payments had pushed her income above the eligibility level.  When Diana offered to cancel the disability payments, she was told that she’s too late!!
   Here we have it….. obamaCare at it’s finest!!  Will someone in the administration tell her to “Just take a pain pill?!?!”
Til Nex’Time….