Another Health Care Option
   [Here’s some health news you won’t get from Washington:
U.S. expatriots in Panama City are quietly getting on with their excellent and inexpensive health care.]
   The top-notch hospitals include the brand new state-of-the-art Punta Pacifica Hospital, affiliated with the U.S.’s well-respected Johns Hopkins Hospital.
   The latest technology is available (even more than in many hospitals in the U.S.), and most of the doctors speak fluent English. In fact, some procedures (especially anti-aging and preventative treatments) are available in Panama that you won’t find in the States or Canada.
   Panama’s hospitals now compete in the global health-care market with highly credentialed doctors, modern facilities and the latest equipment.
   Many Panamanian doctors and surgeons are U.S.-trained and board-certified. Treatment specialties here include dental implants, plastic surgery, assisted reproduction, cardiology, cosmetic dentistry and orthopedics.
   Panama has two major advantages for health travelers: The U.S. dollar is an official currency, and most Panamanian doctors speak fluent English. Best of all are the prices––medical procedures here can be half what you’d pay in the U.S. or Europe.

Arpaio For President!
[Just when Washington needs “a new sheriff in town,” Sheriff Arpaio clearly demonstrates ‘what he’s made of’ by treating the county’s prisoners as men and women, rather than ‘wards of the state,’  as they are in practically every other jurisdiction in America!!]
Maricopa County [Az] Sheriff Joe Arpaio has started a program he calls “Pedal Vision,” in which inmates pedal stationary bikes to generate electricity for television sets. The bikes are customized to turn on connected TV sets once inmates at Phoenix’s Tent City Jail pedal enough to generate 12 volts of electricity.

  • An hour of pedaling equals an hour of television.
  • Inmates can watch television only if they choose to pedal.
  • The Sheriff started the program with female inmates because they seemed more receptive.
  • The only exercise female inmates have been getting is speed-walking around the tent yard.

Til Nex’Time….