Where Are The “Tree-Huggers?!”
   With Fluffy obama’s recent announcements, where are the “tree-huggers” protesting his pronouncements of off-shore drilling and new nuclear power production facilities?
   They were certainly vocal at every turn when President Bush attempted to wean America off foreign oil!!
   While the “Clown Prince” is attempting to placate the majority of Americans opposed to his health care takeover, he’s actually trading one-for-one:

  • cancelling eight Wyoming drilling leases for off-shore drilling,
  • cancelling drilling proposals in Bristol Bay, Alaska, and drilling within 125 miles of the Florida coast, for new nuclear power production facilities.
With the proposal involving the Florida coast, Fluffy obama is actually playing into the hands of Cuba, Russia and China!!
   Cuba is in the process of “cookin’ a deal” with both Russia and China to drill for oil off it’s coast–well within the 125 mile restriction Fluffy imposed on US oil companies[see map]. 
   So much for all that blather in last Saturday’s weekly photo-op!!
“Clown Prince” Proves: He’s STILL A Goof!!
Remember when Der Fluffmeister visited Celgard…. that ‘green’ factory in Charlotte, N.C., makin’ ‘green’ batteries??
Remember that Fluffy touted the 49 Million in Porkulu-bucks that place got?
obama also might have mentioned that they haven’t spent the first dime of it!!

Yet Another Friend…. I’ve Never Met!

   As you might have guessed by now, I’m not particularly fond of Fluffy obama!!  That–by inference–means I’m a FUBO supporter!!
   Periodically, as I wander around the internet, I find things that might illustrate opinions like mine; maybe even on a T-shirt!!  Last week I found a couple that would look good on a tee-shirt, so I sent the suggestions in an email to the “contact us” address at http://www.fubowear.com/.
   Man… ya cudda knocked me over with “a dry brush broom!!”  I got an answer!! You and I both have written to these contact points and the emails seem to disappear out there in cyberspace…. ya never know if anyone has seen it or not.
   Lo and behold…… I got this email from a design firm; I must admit I almost deleted it as spam!!  A guy named Dean had written to thank me for the suggestion and indicated that one or both might be suitable for a tee-shirt.  In subsequent emails, he asked if I wanted this blog’s URL listed on the FUBO site… Hell yea!!!! 
   Now I’m tryin’ to list the FUBO URL here, but have no idea how to do it….. any help out there??  Lem’me know, PLEASE?!?!
Til Nex’Time….