Lonsberry For The 29th Dist. Representative!
The twenty-ninth Congressional District is in  the southern-tier of New York.
The twenty-ninth Congressional District is Eric Massa’s district.
The twenty-ninth Congressional District is where Bob Lonsberry was born and spend his formative years.
The twenty-ninth Congressional District is rural in nature and has it’s own level of conservative values.
The twenty-ninth Congressional District is a natural fit for Bob Lonsberry.

“Clown Prince’s” Leadership; Non-existent!!
   The “Clown Prince,” Fluffy obama, showed up in Pennsylvania for yet another photo-op; only his 13,000th since ascending the throne!!
   As usual, Fluffy continues to blame others for his ineptness, inexperience and lack of leadership.  All these ‘qualities’ are blatantly evident; The Virginia governor’s race; the New Jersey governor’s race; the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race; the Nobel Price give-away; the 2016 Olympic Site Selection Committee meeting and–more telling–the complete lack of any meaningful legislation passed during his reign.  Each–for it’s own reasons–clearly illustrates obama’s severe lack of experience and non-existent leadership qualities!! 
Anyone noticed that the “Clown Prince’s” photo-ops are now invitation only…. usually paid union thugs!!!  Dissenting opinions are not welcome!!!!
   His rantings at Arcadia University, Glenside, Pa., were primarily against the health insurance industry:

  • “How much higher do premiums have to rise until we do something about it?”
  •  –“We can’t have a system that works betterfor the insurance companies than it does for the American people.
  • –“We need to give families and businesses more control over their own health insurance.”

Well, “Mister Unlearned Posterior,” that’s a great illustration of your lack of experience and a complete ignorance of ‘Econ-101.’  If you truly gave “two-hoots-in-Hell” about the American people, you wouldn’t make these inane statements!!  You’d find someone–somewhere, to educate you in basic economics!!  

  • –You’d learn that one can not borrow one’s way out of an economic crisis.
  • –You’d learn that federal spending on jobs only creates temporary jobs; when the money goes away-the job goes away!! 
  • –You’d learn that competition breeds better products at lower prices. 

   As usual, the Fascist, Potentate-in-Chief continued to play his well-worn “blame game,” concentrating on the insurance industry as the ‘bully on the block,’ screwing the insured to the wall!!  In reality this is not the case; insurance companies’ net profits were infinitesimal when compared to what others earn in the health industry.
   Lest we forget, Fluffy had his expected parade of mistreated mothers, poor senior citizens and the usual mix of “KoolAid drinkers.”
Remember folks, you’re witnessing:
FIRST:  The public was ‘screwed’ by the media during the “Campaign of Fluff” in that the tough questions weren’t asked.  The media just reported what was on the day’s stump speeches and ‘talking points.’  They reported only on the the ‘fluff!!’   In retrospect, if the media had asked some tough questions, we would have learned about Fluffy’s strong, lengthly affiliation with ACORN; Fluffy’s ‘community agitator’ education; Fluffy’s fascist leanings; Fluffy’s strong attachment to fascist/socialist/communist-like thugs like Saul Alinsky, Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, Patrick Gaspard, Eric Holder,Cecelia Muñoz, Charles Freeman, Scott Gration, Rahm Emmanuel, Ezekiel Emmanuel, Cass Sunstein, Carol Browner, John Holdren, Kevin Jennings, Chai Feldblum and last BUT NOT LEAST:  William Ayers.  With just this little bit of information, the American voter most probably would have made a dramatically different decision!!

 “the screwin’ ya get…. for the screwin’ ya got!!”

SECOND: The public is being screwed daily by the fiscal and social policies of the ‘Fascist-in-Chief!!’ 

  • –Continuing, massive debt that started even before Fluffy ascended the throne with TARP.
  • –Added deficit spending in the form of the $787Bln porkulus bill that’s creating public debt that will NEVER be paid off!!
  • –Keeping people in housing who will never pay their mortgages down, let alone, pay them off!!
  • –Forsaking the American people for a monument to himself–a legacy–called obamaCare!! He should have been concentrating on the economy and job development and enrichment!!

We could GO ON FOR DAYS!!  What would it matter??  The only help on the horizon is to prevent as much damage as possible and show Fluffy “the door” in 2012!!!
About Fluffy’s speech at Arcadia University, House Minority Leader, John Boehner said it best:

“President Obama’s latest health-care sales pitch is, just like all the others were, heavy on snake oil and light on the harsh reality Americans would face under his plan: higher taxes, reduced Medicare benefits and lost jobs.” 

Til Nex’Time….