Phone SNAFU!!
A couple of years ago, the “Young Miss Lovely” and I decided that with all the services we get from Time Warner Cable, we should get our phone service from them as well.
All was well…. for about the first twenty minutes!!  Then we started getting-NON STOP-calls from EVERY credit card company, mortgage company and collection agency ON THE PLANET!!
Each one was on the hunt for JENNIFER MIRANDA and/or ALVARADO MIRANDA to collect the various outstanding balances owed them!!
To you companies and agencies who call: 
To the Miranda’s:  Pay  your dam’ bills, ya pair’a SLUGS!!!

The “Clown Prince” Set To ‘Trap’ republicRATs
What the “Clown Prince” thought would be the indians trapping the soldiers in the valley of death, had a far different conclusion after 7+ hours of the obamaCare Summit photo-op.

Fluffy obama obviously didn’t ‘do his homework;’  without his ubiquitous teleprompter, most times he spoke, he stumbled along desperately trying to remember the details of his own ill-conceived proposal.  Fluffy proved the ‘Rushism’ without a doubt:  what ever room he’s in-Fluffy is the least experienced; least qualified!!!
This WAS NOT the lynching the obamacRATics  were led to believe would be the end result!!  Several republicRATs who spoke, poked holes into the various proposals-at every turn. They did this with facts, with the obamacRATics’ own CBO findings, with irrefutable details of Fluffy’s “double accounting” and blatantly false spending amounts.                    Mr Paul Ryan, Wisconsin and Mr Eric Cantor, Virginia were obama’s two primary adversaries.  Both demonstrated in each of their presentations, they were more-than-adequately prepared for the lynching!!  They convinced “the indians their group wouldn’t be massacred” without a fight!!  The “Clown Prince” was “handed his ass on a silver platter” with each statement the republicRATs made!!
By-the-way…. did anyone catch Geeze-Louise McIntosh Rodham Slaughter during the obamacRATics’ bumbling responses and highly speculative bouts with honesty??
[“Geeze-Louise” mis-represents those in the Rochester, N.Y., area from her palatial offices in

Washington-we never see her ‘live!’ She devised the TELEPHONE townhall meeting!!!]
She and her family have my deepest condolences!!  During her rambling discourse, it became patently  obvious that her dementia has gotten worse.  She spoke once of one of “her constituents” who had to use her dead sister’s dentures. 
I think her mind wandered back to her childhood in Kentucky and some of her neighbors.  In this day and age, it’s no longer necessary to share dentures; if she assures illegal immigrants get free dental care, why not one of her own?!?!  She probably felt she had to have an equal quality sob-story as the other obamacRATic speakers; to do this, she had to think on the fly-nearly impossible for those suffering from her debilitating condition.

Til Nex’Time….