A “New-York-State Of Mind??”

“Double-Dealin’-Dave” Paterson intends to delay the payment of NYS income tax refunds!! The state currently limits the amount of tax refunds it pays in the first three months of the year to $1.75 billion. Paterson is considering lowering that threshold to $1.25 billion to-again-slap the taxpayer in the face.
The state has until June to pay the refunds before they start accruing interest.
Now, if you or I were to call “Double-Dealin’ Dave[or D-3, or Dave-the-Turd]” and say:

    • [Justin] “Turd, I don’t think I’ll be able to pay the taxes due to the state for a while.”
    • [Turd] ” Oh but Justin, I need that money NOW to close our current spending gap. Give us an estimate as to when you might be able to pay us.”
    • [Justin] “Let’s see…. the filing date is April 15th….. Oh, probably by August first….”
    • [Turd] “That’s unacceptable!! My tax department will have to assess a penalty and charge you interest….”
    • [Justin] “This ‘spending gap’ you mentioned…..?? If you stopped adding to the expenditures-or atleast slowed the rate some….. would you still have to charge me interest and
    • [Turd] ” You’re getting off-topic here, but to answer your question: If we obamacRATics don’t continue to buy votes through having more and more New Yorkers addicted to the “government teat,” do you think ANYONE would vote for us?? All that dependency funding costs money!! Where do you think it’s gonna come from?? We have a large percentage of New Yorkers who pay no tax at all–So it’s up to you commoners to make up the difference!! So to answer your question: Yes, we’d still charge you a penalty and interest.”
    • [Justin] “Going by your rules, my penalties and interest won’t begin until June first, right?? That’s when your interest responsibilities start, when you owe me a refund.”
    • [Turd] “Justin, I have your records with the taxation department up on the screen; You were born in the mid-1940s, which is in the twentieth century; we’re now in the twenty-first century. Justin, did you just ‘fall off a turnip truck??’ By now, you should know that NOTHING IS EVER EQUAL between a government and an individual!!
    • [Justin] “OK, if I’m unable to pay the balance until August first, and I own you about $500, how much will the interest and penalty be?”
    • [Turd] “Let’s see….. the penalty will be about $8.75 [1.75%]; the interest will be about $37.50 [7.5%], for a total of $46.25. Your payment to the tax department would have to be $546.25 or we just keep the interest accruing!!”
    • [Justin] “OK, Turd… Just for shits and giggles, if I had a refund of $500 coming, and you didn’t issue the check until August first, how much would the interest be?”
    • [Turd-with a HUGE smile on his face] ” We would owe you interest of $15, for a fat check of $515!!”
    • [Justin] “Turd, THAT AIN’T FAIR!!”
    • [Turd] ” Of course not; THAT’S GOVERNMENT!!”

    Where do we find these slugs to elect to state government??

    Til Nex’Time….