harry reid’s Version Of Bipartisanship
reid and his henchman Max Baucus are trying to lure in the republicRAT leadership with tax credits and other “tax relief provisions.” Doing this really pissing off the fascists’ primary backers; the unions, the other fascist senatorial morons and the rest of the leftie agitators.
reid is planning on adding the tax provisions to the–as yet unwritten– broad jobs legislation. Most American voters already know how much reid and Baucus can be trusted….. 00.000% of the time!!
As is the obamacRAT way…. no one is listening to basic logic on the topic of jobs and the economy in general. Tax credits for the select few–union businesses; selected union sectors of the economy, Campaign of Fluff supporters–will not be nearly as effective as a large, across-the-board tax cut for ‘the masses.’ Here’s a quote from that Iowa moron, tom harkin:

He has called the focus on tax cuts “shortsighted” and questioned whether it is possible to link employers’ hiring decisions with tax incentives.“We think that tax incentives can solve any problem, and it doesn’t work like that,” Harkin said.

To continue the fascist plan and further entrench the dependency mentality, the legislation will include unemployment benefits extension, health insurance subsidies and extension of the Surface Transportation Act among other ineffectual pieces of crap.
Most senatorial morons want infrastructure projects to cure the unemployment problem, which ain’t gonna happen!! These projects have been in the works since the $787Bln presidential slush-fund was inacted. How many have even been started, let alone completed?? VERY DAM’ FEW!!
Some of those ‘infrastructure projects’ involve high-speed rail programs for various areas of the nation. Here in western New York State, that involves proposed high-speed rail between Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany. After the “fad wears off,” who’s gonna use it; who can afford to use it?? In Rochester at least, the politicians seem to think the sign of a successful reign is a legacy; some physical item that the public ‘just can’t do without.’ Many don’t know her, but it seems “Geeze-Louise” McIntosh Rodham Slaughter is looking at this high-speed rail spur as her legacy. Slaughter lives in Washington, D.C., but maintains a rarely-used house in Fairport, just south of Rochester. She came here from Kentucky shortly after statehood-to be a political carpetbagger. She promotes this high speed thing at every turn. She seems not to remember former Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson’s “Fast Ferry” fiasco and legacy [Rochester lost millions of dollars on it].
Speaking of presidential slush-funds–that’s exactly what that brain-dead moron, “Clown Prince” obama wants!! Fluffy mentioned the figure of $175Bln; to be called a “jobs bill” but administered just as the presidential moron administers his other slush-funds.
Moronic harry reid has the audacity to include renewal of provisions of The Patriot Act as creating jobs under this jobs legislation. This single act speaks volumes in why the congressional approval rating is at a dismal eighteen percent!!!
Til Nex’Time….