obamaCare Marriage Penalty!

[The system-as the “Clown Prince” knows it-is working quite nicely, thank you! Fluffy obama is all about ‘the control’-not about ‘the benefit’!!]
Some married couples would pay thousands of dollars more for the same health insurance coverage as unmarried people living together, under the health insurance overhaul plan pending in Congress.

The built-in “marriage penalty” in both House and Senate healthcare bills has received scant attention. But for scores of low-income and middle-income couples, it could mean a hike of $2,000 or more in annual insurance premiums the moment they say “I do.”

The disparity comes about in part because subsidies for purchasing health insurance under the plan from congressional obamacRATs are pegged to federal poverty guidelines. That has the effect of limiting subsidies for married couples with a combined income, compared to if the individuals are single.
People who get their health insurance through an employer wouldn’t be affected. Only people that buy subsidized insurance through new exchanges set up by the legislation stand to be impacted. About 17 million people would receive such subsidies in 2016 under the House plan, the Congressional Budget Office estimates.
The bills cap the annual amount people making less than 400% of the federal poverty level must pay for health insurance premiums, ranging from 1.5% of income for the poorest to 11% at the top end, under the House plan.

For an unmarried couple with income of $25,000 each, combined premiums would be capped at $3,076 per year, under the House bill. If the couple gets married, with a combined income of $50,000, their annual premium cap jumps to $5,160 — a “penalty” of $2,084. Those figures were included in a memo prepared by House Republican staff.

The disparity is slightly smaller in the Senate version of health-care legislation, chiefly because premium subsidies in the House bill are more targeted towards low-wage earners.
Under the Senate bill, a couple with $50,000 combined income would pay $3,450 in annual premiums if unmarried, and $5,100 if married — a difference of $1,650.
Republicans say the effect on married couples whose combined income makes them ineligible for subsidies is even greater — up to $5,000 or more — but that is more difficult to measure because it includes assumptions about the price of insurance policies.
Democratic staff who helped to write the bill confirmed the existence of the penalty, but said it cannot be remedied without creating other inequities.

For instance, they said making the subsidies neutral towards marriage would lead to a married couple with only one bread-winner getting a more generous subsidy
than a single parent at the same income-level.
“The Finance Committee, along with other committees in the Senate, took pains to craft the most equitable overall structure possible, and that’s what we have here,” said a Democratic Senate Finance Committee aide.

If the bill passes in its current form, it would be far from the first example of federal and social benefits creating incentives to remain single. Under current law, marriage can have a negative impact on a person’s ability to claim the earned income tax credit and welfare benefits including food stamps.

“This seems to not only penalize the married, but also those who would have the most to gain from marriage — the poor,” said Jenny Tyree, an analyst at the Colorado-based Focus on the Family.

A “Lott” Wrong With reid Statement

[Mississippi republicRAT Senator Trent Lott lost his leadership post after saying that the country would have been better off if Sen. Strom Thurmond—a segregationist—had been elected president in 1948. On December 20, 2002-during the controversy-Lott resigned as Senate Minority Leader in the Senate. In December 2007, he resigned from the Senate entirely.]

In the book, “Game Change,” Reid assessed Obama’s strengths as a candidate. Reid “believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama–a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.’
A poll conducted by the Las Vegas Review Journal shows him facing a dismal reelection in November. Reid trailed former state Republican party chairwoman Sue Lowden 50% to 40%, and he was lagging businessman Danny Tarkanian (R) 49% to 41%. 30% of voters viewed Reid favorably and 52% saw him as the slug he is!!
[In light of reid’s blatant hypocrisy, where is the “equality of infraction” between he and Senator Lott?? Did they both not make egregious statements involving racial overtones?? Was not Senator Lott forced to resign his leadership post?? I contend that reid wouldn’t ‘make a pimple on a leader’s ass’ and should have never been elected by his peers to the post he has a tenuous grasp of currently!!!]
MORE “Secret Screwing;” Pass The KY Jelly!!
nancy pelosi and harry reid are holding the final negotiations on obamaCare in secret. They don’t want republicRATs in the House and the Senate to know what they’re doing; they don’t want you to know what they’re doing, either.

And when they’re done, they will attempt to hold quickie votes on this final version of obamaCare before anyone is any the wiser. Essentially, in their desperation to pass obamaCare, they’re hi-jacking the legislative process… it’s not a stretch to say that they’re hi-jacking the country!!

Normally, when there are differences between the House and Senate versions of a bill, a conference committee of republicRATs and obamacRATs from both houses of Congress is convened to reconcile the two bills.

pelosi and reid decided to thumb their noses at standard operating procedure. They, in collusion with the “Clown Prince,” decided that the final version of obamaCare, a bill that will put the government in charge of nearly 18% of the nation’s economy–as well as your health care decisions for years to come–should be their little secret.

These two slimy bastErds took both versions of obamaCare in hand… locked the doors; lowered the blinds; shut out the republicRATs; shut out the American people; turned-off the television cameras and conducted their own reconciliation “debate!!”

“Congressional obamacRATs’ plan to take final negotiations on the massive health-care overhaul behind closed doors–far from the prying eyes of the public and most lawmakers.”

The Heritage Foundation was more blunt in describing the situation:

“These secret meetings will not be a ‘traditional conference committee,’ nor will they be a conference committee in any sense of the term. The only individuals allowed in the room will be those invited by both the House and Senate Leadership. Why the secrecy?”

Brian Lamb, the head of C-SPAN, sent a letter to barack INSANE obama; Mm….MM….Mm!!! and the Congressional Morons requesting access to televise further obamaCare negotiations, pelosi and reid ignored the request. pelosi and reid’s banana-republic actions simply prove what’s being said publically.

obamaCare was never about reforming health care. It was never anything more than a tyrannical attempt to transform the United States into a fascist country!! It’s all about politicians gaining power through the ability to
control your life. This raw power-grab must be stopped; it can be stopped… but only if we take immediate

It is of the utmost necessity that you contact the Leadership of the House and the Senate as well as eleven key members of the House of Representatives (Bart Stupak, Kathy Dahlkemper, Brad Ellsworth, Daniel Lipinski, Steve Driehaus, Paul Kanjorski, Marcy Kaptur, Dale Kildee, Solomon Ortiz, John Murtha and James Oberstar) and four key whores of the Senate (Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson, Joseph Lieberman and Mary Landrieu) who can be persuaded to vote against obamaCare–we just have to “out-pimp” the Pimp-in-Chief!! A shift of five votes in the House of Representatives and one vote in the United States Senate will kill obamaCare once and for all. Tell these elected officials not to give in to the intimidation tactics of obama, pelosi and reid. Demand that they not give in to the temptation of the secret back-room deals that are synonymous with obama, pelosi and reid!!! Demand that they stand firm. please use this hyperlink.
Til Nex’Time….