Some “Serf-Class” Polls
I found some poll questions posed by commoners like you and I on the AOL “Hotseat Polls” site:
  • Should Congress investigate the “Global Warming Hoax” emails?
  • yes- 87%
  • No- 10%
  • Undecided-3%
  • Do you care that there probably won’t be a climate “big deal” in Copenhagen?
  • Yes- 17%
  • No- 80%
  • Undecided-3%
  • Rate the “Clown Prince’s” Fort Hood speech:
  • One of his best- 16%
  • Good, Not great-28%
  • Poor- 56%
  • Will health care votes cost congressional seats?
  • Yes- 91%
  • No- 6%
  • Undecided-3%
  • Is the “Clown Prince” a ‘different politician’ or is he as beholden to corporate interests as his predecessors?
  • Different- 19%
  • Same- 76%
  • Undecided-5%
  • Can the off-year elections be predictors of the mid-term elections?
  • Yes- 77%
  • No- 18%
  • Undecided-5%
  • How good is US’ health care?
  • Best on the planet-49%
  • Above average- 19%
  • Average- 12%
  • Below average- 20%
  • The change of Americans’ “mind our own business” opinion concerning international relations:
  • 1964-18%
  • 2009-49%
Are the “KoolAiders” finally ‘seeing the light?’

What’s Up With That “Nobel Peace Prize” Crap?
Yup!! The “Clown Prince” was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize-but WHY??? The guy doesn’t understand the “peace” concept.
This is a guy who campaigned on “hope-and-change” from a peace perspective; that President Bush was and is a war-monger; that the troop surge in Iraq wouldn’t work-is now admitting, by his decisions, that Mister Bush is one of the greatest military strategists since General Eisenhower!!!
  • By definition, Fluffy obama’s strategy is that of an inexperienced, blundering, dithering, blathering professional politician: Rather than send the number of troops the commander said was needed, he’s sending about half……. and dribbling them out over a year!!
  • Historically, military strategy is to avoid war at all costs!! If the country is unable to do that; the next best thing is to “break more opponent’s shit” than your opponent breaks of yours; “kill more of the opposition” than your opponents do!!
  • George Bush’s strategy was to stay in Iraq until the military objectives were met. The troop surge was necessary to accomplish his goals.
  • Fluffy obama’s strategy is to hog-tie the military hierarchy in-country, and then to pull out of Afganistan in nineteen months!!
  • Again, I ask WHY? If Fluffy is committing less than the required number of troops, for a defined period of time, without a military goal in mind-then why even send the “surge” troops?? If Fluffy is pulling them out at a pre-determined point on the calendar, why send them at all?? Why not pull out the troops currently there and let the ‘stanis fail on their own??
Again, I ask WHY?? Why does Fluffy continue to “consume oxygen” when anyone else can make better use of it??
….And You Thought Only “Wall St” Pay….??
[What the Ruling Class is doing, over and above controlling executive compensation, is stifling the American desire for success; American ingenuity; American exceptionalism; American entrepreneurial spirit!!! It’s nothing about healthcare……it’s all about CONTROL, whether that control is of money, individual spirit, success, IT’S STILL CONTROL!!! This is exactly the same conditions that the Founding Fathers rebelled against.]
Ruling Class obamacRATs will offer an amendment this weekend to curb the pay of executives at health insurance companies that benefit from federal subsidies, fueling the growing feud with the powerful industry. The Moron Caucus members Blanche Lincoln (d-Ark.), Frank Lautenberg (d-N.J.) and Robert Menendez (d-N.J.) have sponsored an amendment that would:
  • prohibit health insurance companies from deducting more than $400,000 in executive compensation per individual.
  • The cap would apply to companies that earned 25 percent or more of their income from Americans who buy insurance from government-created exchanges.
  • The Ruling Class will debate the measure Saturday morning and is expected to vote on it around 3 p.m.
Fluffy obama and Moron Caucus obamacRATs started the healthcare debate earlier this year by forming a tentative truce with the insurance industry but that now appears finished. obamacRATic rhetoric against the insurance industry has become increasingly critical as the debate has progressed.
Ruling Class potentate Harry Reid (d-Nev.) pushed a proposal to revoke the anti-trust exemption that health insurance companies have enjoyed since the mid-1940s. Reid later chickened out and didn’t include the provision in the Senate healthcare bill.
Other obamacRATs have set their sights on the profitable industry as lawmakers look for innovative ways to curb healthcare costs and avoid the perception that the pending Ruling Class legislation amounts to a massive giveaway to healthcare companies. Some fascist critics charge the legislation would not do enough to curb the excesses of health insurance companies, especially if it does not include a government-run insurance program.

“By eliminating an enormous tax deduction that allows insurance companies to line the pockets of their executives, this proposal will raise about $651 million over the next 10 years, which will be required to go toward the Medicare trust fund,” Lincoln told reporters Friday afternoon.

Lincoln noted that “if” healthcare reform legislation becomes law, insurance companies would receive millions of new customers. “Our amendment will make sure that premiums these new enrollees are spent on better care and not executive salaries,” she said.
Lincoln on Friday reiterated her opposition to the public option, which some fascist obamacRATs believe is essential to prevent the bill from becoming a multi-billion dollar giveaway to the insurance industry. “I’ve been very clear, I don’t support a public option that is government-funded or government-run that puts the taxpayer at risk in the long run,” Lincoln said.
Til Nex’Time….