Resurrect The Misery Index?

[**PHOTO: A German citizen in the Weirmar Republic going to buy “a single loaf of bread” during the hyper-inflation period of 1926-1932.]

The Misery Index was developed to illustrate the great damage “peanut” Carter was doing to the economy; the American way of life. When “Peanut” was bounced out of office by Ronald Reagan, the Misery Index had reached an all-time high of 21.98% in June, 1980.
With the ongoing unemployment [despite all those “saved jobs!!”] which seems to continue it’s upward climb into the stratosphere, now seems a good time to bring it back.
The Misery Index is the addition of the unemployment rate [U-3] and the inflation rate. I contend that there should be a SUPER Misery Index, which would include the U-6 unemployment rate [all those unemployed, under employed, given up the job search; anyone not working that wants to].
  • The October, 2009 Misery Index: 8.9 {10.2 – 1.3}
  • The October, 2009 Super Misery Index: 16.2 {17.5 – 1.3}
Here, We Need To Discuss “Stagflation:”
Stagflation can be best defined as “negative inflation.” Stagflation can result when an economy is slowed by an unfavorable supply shock, such as an increase in the price of oil in an oil importing country, which tends to raise prices at the same time that it slows the economy by making production less profitable.
  • This type of stagflation presents a policy dilemma because most actions to assist with fighting inflation worsen economic stagnation and vice versa.
  • Second, both stagnation and inflation can result from inappropriate macroeconomic policies.
  • For example, central banks can cause inflation by permitting excessive growth of the money supply.
  • The government can cause stagnation by excessive regulation of goods markets and labor markets. Together, these factors can cause stagflation;
  • equally, either, if taken to such an extreme, must be reversed.
The current inflation rate -1.3 [stagflation] has been entirely caused by government actions!
  • For the last three months or so, they have been printing money!! Literally, running the printing presses 24.7!!
  • They’ve created policies of “buying” private industries, controlling private financial markets, controlling pay and bonuses of the very folks who create a vast portion of the country’s wealth.
  • The promotion of “free” obamaCare will devistate the national wealth; ostensibly by taxing the rich!! “The rich” are the ones who create the vast majority of jobs.
  • The current “cap-and-tax” bill working it’s way thru congress will eventually add upwards of $5,000 to taxpayers’ utility bills, “redistributing” even more wealth!!
“Clown Prince’s” Numbers Drop ‘Like A Brick!!’
Here’s some of Scott Rasmussen’s [ ] poll findings:
  • Clown Prince’s” daily job approval: [11/11] 30% Strongly approve, down from 32% on 11/09.
  • 62% of voters believe the nation is heading down the wrong track, up slightly from last week.
  • 52% of voters feel that America’s best days are in the past. This marks the highest level of voter pessimism in two years.
  • 58% of voters say it is at least somewhat likely the next president of the United States will be a Republican. The number has been trending upward since Obama took office in January and is up 14 points since then.
  • 60% of voters nationwide say last week’s Fort Hood shootings should be investigated as a “terrorist act.”
  • 49% of adults say their finances are getting worse. Entreprenuers (33%) and private company wokers (23%) rate their financial situation better than government workers (18%) or retirees (15%).
    Among investors, 45% say their personal finances are getting worse.

Would President Truman Have Rewarded Hitler?
[OF COURSE NOT!! Had Hitler survived World War Two, he’d have suffered the same fate he did as the fallen ruler of Nazi Germany. Then, why is Fluffy obama rewarding the jihadists that threaten our shores every minute of every day?? Well, he is a muslim; he has taken the title of “The Great Apologist” from John McCain; he is a “one-worlder;” he is the “Clown Prince;” and on, and on, and on!!!]
“Islamic jihadists remain the most serious threat against America today, despite Fluffy obama’s effort to improve U.S. relations with the Muslim world,” observes Jim Jacobson, president of Christian Freedom International. Unfortunately, “Islamic radicals have not reciprocated the president’s attempted outreach.”
Earlier this year Fluffy made a celebrated speech in Cairo to promote better relations with the Islamic world but, notes Jacobson, “the primary problem is the hostility of organized Islam to members of other faiths.” That hostility starts with persecution against Christians, Jews, and other religious minorities in Muslim nations around the globe.
Now the fascists have created a new and expensive technology fund for Islamic countries. The Overseas Private Investment Corporation is providing up to $150 million to “catalyze and facilitate private sector investments.” Target industries include computers and telecommunications.
The objective is to promote education, health care, infrastructure, and jobs in the Muslim world. These all are good things, “but shouldn’t Washington be focusing on promoting education, health care, infrastructure, and jobs in America,” asks Jacobson? The U.S. deficit in Fiscal Year 2009 was $1.4 trillion. Uncle Sam will be running up at least another $10 trillion in red ink over the coming decade. “Why is the federal government borrowing money to subsidize education, health care, infrastructure, and jobs in other nations,” he asks?
U.S. officials want to believe that these initiatives will promote economic growth in Islamic countries, and thereby reduce radicalism. “Unfortunately, the record of foreign aid is one of failure,” notes Jacobson. Washington has been giving away money to Third World countries for decades, with little result. “The OPIC initiative is not likely to do anything other than enrich already well-connected politicians and businessmen,” Jacobson adds.
Unfortunately, some of them may be the people who have been funding Islamic radicals for years. “We know that much of the money for terrorism has come from individuals, businesses, and charities in supposedly friendly Muslim nations, such as Saudi Arabia,” he explains. Any funds would have to be closely monitored to make sure the money is not recycled against Americans.