We Now Have “The Hoffman Effect”
Doug Hoffman’s more-than-respectable showing in the NY-23 election, necessitated by the “Clown Prince’s” desire to bolster his massive ego!! “Clownie” appointed the previous representative, Mr McHugh-to be the Secretary of the Army, thus freeing his republicRAT seat to be filled by a “KoolAid drinker.”
This “Hoffman Effect” was evident in Washington, D.C., yesterday when thousands ++ of ‘ordinary citizens’ like you and me, showed up on the capitol steps to protest obamaCare. The “serf class” showed up enmass to protest the “ruling class’ ” attempt to take over an additional 20% of the national economy. Add this to the nearly 40% that class already controls; pretty soon we’re “fascist Germany” all-over-again!!!
Minnesota rep Michele Bachmann was additionally responsible for the positive outpouring, due to her invitation to viewers of Fox NEWS’ Glenn Beck Show. Who’da ever thunk it?!?!?! Joe & Jane Sixpack taking off a workday they probably could ill afford, travel through the night to show their support at the “Kill-The-Bill” rally!!!
One major item to note here IS NOT the “KoolAid” spin-but the photo published in larger newspapers: NOT OF THE RALLY, but of a July photo outside a Portsmouth High School, of protesters at an obama rally to promote obamaCare!!! The “Clown Prince,” the “czars” and the “Congressional Moron Caucus” as well as the KoolAid media….. should be concerned, if not afraid!!
Now Mayor Duffy Can “Change” Rochester

Rochester, N.Y.’s Mayor Bob Duffy has asked many in his administration to reapply for their current jobs. This is routinely done by those re-elected. With request, the mayor has an opportunity to affect real change to the city government. Mr Duffy uses obama’s fluffy math in determining “saved” jobs in the city; I’m sure he has some “Hope and Change” waiting in the wings!! Here’s a chance for him to reduce staff-maybe 20%-and the budget 5 or 10%!! That would be local “Hope and Change,” as opposed to the federal “Hope and Change” we were promised but haven’t realized, so far. Maybe we’re expecting “POSITIVE” “Hope and Change” when “POSITIVE” wasn’t part of the plan!!

“Political Pull” Alive And Well In Rochester, N.Y.!
Here’s the story going around the Rochester, N.Y., “grapevine:” A teacher at one of the city’s high schools-Edison Tech-had her cellphone stolen from her classroom.
  • The culprits were narrowed down to four young ladies [and I use the term-loosely!].
  • The teacher went to SRO [School Resourse Officer-a city cop!] who said that he couldn’t do anything about it.
  • She then called her husband, an investigator with Rochester’s “finest.” The husband then called “3-1-1,” in our system, the number to call for minor crimes. The “3-1-1” dispatcher just kinda “blew him off!”
  • The investigator-husband then came to the school and investigated the crime himself. He determined there was probably cause for two of the young ladies [again, I use the term loosely!] to be arrested, which he did!
  • The young ladies [again, I use the term loosely!] were transported to the Monroe County Jail to be processed as arrestees.
  • Soon after the young ladies [again, I use the term loosely!] left the school, one of the mothers-a community agitator[ACORN??]-“speed dialed” Mayor Duffy’s office….
  • The young ladies [again, I use the term loosely!] were booked and put in a cell. During that time “it’s been alleged” that the young ladies [again, I use the term loosely!] spat, slapped and kicked several city police and county sheriff’s officers. While in a cell, “it’s been alleged” the young ladies [again, I use the term loosely!] plugged more than one toilet, causing them to overflow.
  • The net result of the community agitator’s “speed dialing” the mayor: Rochester Chief of Police-David Moore, arrived at the county jail and ORDERED that the two young ladies [again, I use the term loosely!] be issued “appearance tickets” and released!!
W-O-W!! Definitely, several lost opportunities here: Without coddling, these young ladies [again, I use the term loosely!] might have learned that “actions-have-consequences;” that one must pay the price for poor decisions one makes. The city school school district apparently has the policy that no students be arrested on school grounds; whereby coddling the student population even more!! This does nothing but reinforce the mindset that anything done on school grounds is “fair-game!!!” THE REAL TRAGEDY HERE:
  • Students-citywide-will see this as a reaffirmation that criminal behavior and poor decision-making are acceptable actions.
  • The teacher; the real VICTIM here, is being persecuted for using appropriate steps in the attempting the return of her property-criminially taken by thug-ettes!!! The teacher has been removed from her teaching position, pending final disposition of the case.
  • The investigator-husband is being investigated by the city police’s Internal Affairs department[or whatever they call it, now-a-days] FOR DOING THE JOB HE WAS HIRED TO DO!!!
Do the “Tea Party” folks have to revolt against the city government as well?? Why do community agitators hold such sway over government at all levels?? Someone has to bring common sense back into the system!! Mayor Duffy: Ya might wanna consider “gettin’ yer shit in one sock!!!”
Til Nex’Time….