Bailout FAILURE!

[Here we go….!! The results of the Lion “Clown Prince’s” take-over of the American financial sector…. FAILURE!! All this moron has managed to do is reward poor performance with his ill-conceived bailouts. In the past, companies were allowed to fail, to restructure and come back usually stronger than ever!! The restructuring most usually included a change of top management, who were blamed with the failure. This blame, in most cases, was rightly placed. But for all his stumbling and bumbling, the Lion “Clown Prince” DID ACCOMPLISH his objective!! Bailing out the financial sector was nothing more than “a means to an end.” Saving the various companies in the financial sector was and is not a major part of the program; If the companies survived and became viable once again-so be it…. the REAL OBJECTIVE was, is and always will be CONTROL OF THE ECONOMY!!]
CIT Group ( CIT) filed for bankruptcy protection Sunday with broad support from its debtholders, but taxpayers will lose the $2.3B invested in CIT, marking the first definitive loss in the government’s rescue of the financial system. Nearly 90% of CIT’s bondholders voted in favor of the prepackaged bankruptcy, which CIT says will enable it to reduce total debt by $10B, significantly reduce its liquidity needs over the next three years, enhance its capital ratios and accelerate its return to profitability. Bondholders will receive about $0.70 on the dollar, a number that could have fallen as low as $0.06 had CIT entered a freefall bankruptcy. With $71B in assets and $65B in liabilities, CIT’s bankruptcy ranks among the largest in corporate history.
Just as Rep MICHELE BACHMANN [r,MN] says, Everything is at stake with the probable passage of the impending obamaCare bill. As Ms Bachmann mentioned in previous press offerings, the federal government currently controls THIRTY PERCENT of the U.S. economy. with the passage of this rediculous “wealth re-distribution” healthcare bill, that percentage will jump to 48%!!! In the entry above, we can see the effects of fascist control of parts of the economy!! Ms Bachmann is suggesting that all who can, meet on the Capitol steps on Thursday morning, then demand meetings with their senators and representatives. The ruling class truly believes that we serfs will just sit back and watch the country become a fascist rathole….. They’re not taking anything away from all the “teaparties” around the country last summer!! It’s time for the serfs to rise up and revolt against the ruling class!! I have a broken bone in my leg and am undergoing continuing doctor’s care so I can’t attend; I definitely would if I were able. I intend to flood my non-respresentative’s and two un-senators’ offices with emails until the vote is cast!!!
…To That End….
[I’ve composed the email below, which I intend to send to the three fascists who DO NOT represent me in congress:]

Dear XXXX,
With the looming passage of obamaCare, the federal government will own or control 48% of the national economy–up from the current 30%!! CIT’s recent bankruptcy filing is evidence enough that fascist control of the economy is not in the public interest!!
You might have heard the quotation: “If you’re not part of the solution, You’re part of the problem!” The ruling class falls on the side of “THE PROBLEM!!” From public funding of the decidedly socialist “ACORN” to the refusal to represent the views of the 54% of Americans who oppose healthcare reform [Rasmussen-10/30, 31 poll], clearly indicates your stated positions are where your loyalties lie!!!
If you’re inclined to not listen to your constituents and continue to support the fascist ownership of 48% of the economy, I might suggest to you sir [or Madam], that both English and American histories covering the period of 1750-1781 should be read and studied. Any intelligent reader of that period will understand that current events are far more agregious than anything King George III even contemplated!!!
[My Full Name]
[My Street Address]
[My current email address]

Til Nex’Time….