Will “Clown Prince” EVER Lead??

I got my doubts!! “Clown Prince” obama just kinda wanders around the political landscape…..but….. he rarely exhibits any political leadership. His czar and czarina-comrades continue to reshape America without senatorial approval [as required] while Fluffy wanders around:

  • Playing golf and basketball;
  • Demonstrating crooked “Chicago-style” politics on foreign shores [2016 Olympic Games ring a bell?]
  • Spending a half-million bucks taking “The Chin” to a New York dinner and the theater;
  • Conducting fundraisers all over the country for those democRATs the administration fears will be bounced outta office by voters who’ve been listening to Fox NEWS;
  • Wasting time “stumping” all over the country to promote his FluffyCare healthcare reform hoax, which is quickly “dying on the vine!!”
As an Air Force and Army veteran of the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, I find his lack of caring and concern for the American soldier, unconscionable!!! He’s leaving the American/NATO forces “swinging-in-the-breeze” in Afganistan!! How long would it take; 30 minutes-MAYBE, to listen to the advice of his in-country commanders….. and MAKE A DECISION, already!! Come-ON, Fluffy!!! Shit-or-get-off-the-pot!!!!!!
…But…He’s Got BALLS!
While the aforementioned soldiers have their asses hanging out for any third-world, muslim terrorist to shoot at, Fluffy took the opportunity for a photo-op!! That opportunity came during the October 28-29th overnight arrival of 18 fallen American heros to Dover AFB, Md. This worthless Son-Of-A-Bitch won’t make a decision to either send more troops and support equipment OR “pull-the-plug” on the whole operation….BUT… He’ll use the arrival of 18 caskets to create a photo-op. This was a “Clown Prince” secret-op, with ONLY a couple of dozen reporters [Fox NEWS?] at the scene of the desecration!!! He’s ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS!!!

More On the “No New Plates” Campaign
Capital Region county clerks join petition drive urging an end to higher fees, replacement tags
By RICK KARLIN, Capitol bureau. First published: Wednesday, October 28, 2009
ALBANY — Last year, homeowners marched to the Capitol in pursuit of a property tax cap. Earlier this year, Tea Party activists paraded around the state last summer.
But New York’s latest tax revolt has wheels.
County clerks have launched a series of petition drives to protest the newest financial toll facing New Yorkers: a requirement that, starting in April, motorists must buy new $25 license plates when their vehicle registrations come due.
That’s a $10 increase from the current price, and a $19.50 increase since the last time new plates were issued, 2001. And if you want to keep the same number, it will run you an additional $20. (That price, however, hasn’t changed since 2001.)
“I’ve got close to 2,000 signatures already,” said Rensselaer County’s Frank Merola, one of a growing handful of county clerks offering paper or online petitions protesting the mandated license plates and their attendant cost.
“Not a customer up here thinks they need to replace the plates,” said Merola, who echoed several other clerks in describing state license and registration fees as “cash cows” for the state.
Drivers licenses, good for eight years, are also rising this year to $64.50, up from $50. And a two-year registration for a car is going up from an average $44 to $55.
The need to buy and install new license tags, however, seems to have really struck a particularly sensitive nerve.
“I have people stopping me in the store to sign,” said Columbia County Clerk Holly Tanner, who is also offering a petition and has collected about 1,500 signatures so far.
Some of the petitions are online; a Saratoga County effort went up Tuesday at http://www.nonewlicenseplates.com.
“Please join Saratoga County Clerk Kathy Marchione in urging the New York State Legislature and Gov. Paterson to repeal the new license plate requirement … and tell Albany to Give Us a Break!” it reads in part.
The first online petition appears to have started last month in St. Lawrence County when the clerk there, Patty Ritchie [photo], launched one at http://www.nonewplates.com.
They now have 26,000 signatures, said Deputy Clerk Mary Lou Rupp, who said people are also calling from all over the state.
This isn’t the first time that locally elected county clerks have taken on the state. They played a major role two years ago in prompting then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer to abandon a plan to give drivers licenses to people even if they had no proof of citizenship.
At the time, a dozen clerks including Merola and Tanner said they wouldn’t give out such licenses.
Like Merola and Tanner, Marchione is a Republican. So is St. Lawrence’s Ritchie, whose petition also notes that Democratic Assemblywoman Addie Russell and Sen. Darrel Aubertine voted for the plan. (Ritchie also is one of GOP House candidate Dede Scozzafava’s campaign managers in the 23rd Congressional District race.)
The new policy was part of this year’s state budget. Republican senators voted en masse against the budget and lambasted the new taxes and fees imposed by it; some Assembly Republicans also voted against the budget.
There’s already been some legislative pushback on the license plates: Schenectady Republican Assemblyman Jim Tedisco on Tuesday called for Gov. David Paterson to exempt seniors and disabled drivers from the new fees.
The license tag protests aren’t purely partisan, though.
“People are upset, and I don’t blame them,” said Oneida County Clerk Sandy DePerno, a Democrat. While she doesn’t have a petition, she joined in the unanimous vote last month urging the governor and Legislature to rethink the mandatory new plates.
The state has said the plates, which date to 2001, are fading and should be replaced so police can be sure to see them.
But they also admit that the plan will raise $129 million — no small matter given the state’s $5 billion, two-year budget deficit.
“How are these county clerks suggesting we make up the lost revenue?” asked Paterson spokesman Morgan Hook.
The issue has special resonance given the fact that so many New Yorkers, regardless of where they live or how they vote, have cars.
“It really cuts across all the different demarcations,” said Grant Reeher, a political science professor at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.
Even people who are somewhat supportive of Paterson say the license tag issue is an irritant.
“This is just another example of the state needing to raise money,” said Judy Grunberg, a Chatham restaurateur and Democrat who is helping pass out petitions. She said she doesn’t mind paying more if the state is broke, but objects to using the plates as a fundraising vehicle.
“I’d rather send in my $50,” she said. “Just leave me alone. Let me keep the plate on my car.”
Rick Karlin can be reached at 454-5758 or by e-mail at rkarlin@timesunion.com
Hot over wheels tax
What: New York state license plate requirement
When: The new requirement starts in April and comes due when your registration is up for renewal.
How much: $25 (up from $15)
If you want the same tag number: Another $20
Have an opinion? Join the discussion on this issue at http://blog.timesunion.com/savingssource

Another “Dave-The-Turd” Money Grab!

There’s ongoing confusion for truckers in New York about driving along certain routes. The problem has drawn the attention of multiple agencies, as well as Gov. David Paterson.
The New York State Department of Transportation and New York City Department of Transportation have put together a brochure, which is intended to benefit truckers who are looking to avoid situations where they might get caught up on restricted routes.
The brochure provides phone numbers and Web addresses for truck drivers in need of additional information or trip planning. Highlighting the concerns of bridge strikes on these routes, it also includes tips on what do when approaching a low overhead clearance. The restricted downstate parkways are listed and shown on a map.
Possible punishments and repercussions for getting caught on restricted routes also are listed.
The brochure stresses that relying solely on GPS units or online mapping is not advised, and it includes a plea to “always obey posted signage.”
In addition to the brochure, the agencies are working with the New York State Police and Westchester County as part of the Bridge Strike Mitigation Task Force. The groups are looking for solutions to the ongoing issue with truckers using restricted routes.
While the brochure is in line with the task force’s attempts to help educate professional drivers, Gov. Paterson has opted to pursue legislation that relies on hitting truckers in their pocketbooks. The governor announced in mid October he is pursuing legislation that would require all large trucks to be equipped with enhanced GPS units to direct truckers away from restricted routes.
He says action must be taken to address the growing number of truckers who take routes with low clearances, resulting in so-called bridge strikes.
Truckers and their companies found in violation of the proposed rule would face numerous penalties, which could include confiscation of the truck, possible jail time, and the trucking companies or their insurance carriers footing some of the costs for repairing damaged bridges.
The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association was pointed in its assessment of Paterson’s proposal. The Association says efforts like this in New York are causing quality trucking jobs to go elsewhere, as well as raising costs to consumers throughout the state.
Recession Has “Benefits!”
[A break for the taxpayer is one of those benefits! In recent years, it’s been a method of deficit reduction for the fascists at every level to sell public assets to private [read: foreign] companies. Both the Indiana Tollway, the Chicago Skyway and untold power production facilities were built with vast amount of taxpayer money, either by direct government ‘pork’ or the sale of government bonds. Every time entities like these are sold, does the taxpayer get repaid via reduced tax rates?? Not NO, but ‘HELL NO!!!!!’ The money just goes into the several general funds and gets pissed away on some other give-away program!! One thing tho’ that surprises me…. These foreign companies were LEFT OFF the $787BILLION porkulus bill!!!]
Deals to sell Chicago’s Midway Airport, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and Florida’s Alligator Alley to private investors have all fallen through.
Private companies that bought public assets before the recession have mainly lost money. And the Indiana Toll Road and the Chicago Skyway[photo] – which were taken over by Cintra of Spain and the Australian company Macquarie – have now lost an estimated one-third of their value.
Til Nex’Time….